EDM has been taking a lot of heat for the past few years in DJ set community. The main reason is the raising popularity of mainstream electronic music on the surface of clubs and places where you can perform as a DJ. This particulary causes underground performers of less popular electronic music genres are being at disadvantage, at least those are the claims made by them. Henry Fong has made a simple statement where he easily explains delibrately how things work now and why EDM DJ Set is the way to go. (…)It’s pretty simple as to why (EDM) it’s more popular, and why it’s played on the mainstages. It’s very melody/riff based. People relate to melodies, and can sing along. I’m not saying techno or deep house(deep house loops) doesn’t have melody at all, some of it does, but a lot of proper techno has very dark driving basslines with some percussion and isn’t based around a hooky or apparent melody.

The situation here is quite clear, people what to party and dance to EDM more then any other genre right now, and that is why we see more and more DJ set revolving around ‘Electronic Dance Music’, the truth is if you want to many some dough and have opportunities to play your music around club and fancy places, there is actually no easier way to do it. People from representing underground music styles shouldn’t be mad about it and accept the state of ways pretty fast, because sometimes skill isn’t the only way to go big unfortunately.

Have a skim at the source text and see what Henry also said to examplify his theory of EDM DJ set popularity, also if you want to check out some nice EDM sample kits I’d recommend going to our category to have a look.


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