Digital DJ Tips posted up another manifesto in their ‘Our Core Values’ segement, it’s a nice addition since it covers up in my opinion one of the most crucial matters of new wave DJ sets,dj kits and it’s future counterpart. The author touches the soft dilemma, the problem of old fundamentals in DJ culture. Facing the reality of technology constantly evolving, year by year giving birth to new equipment and solutions very helpful in my opinion for DJ’s nowadays can be harsh to grasp for people in the community I somewhat I understand that, I feel the pain of those who are struggling to maintain their mainstream status by still playing vinyl records, since I enjoy them myself. Unfortunately that’s not the reason to boycotte the new ways of playing, making sets and performing for establishing new DJ community faces. Everyday there are many new great artists who enjoy their work, they want to improve and use all the tools and assistance they can get from the technology, new equipment, generaly new school stuff. The old players on the other hand do not want to adapt, they blame mainstream for the fall of so called ‘real DJ’s’ which is funny to me because it only shows who really want to evolve as an artist, stagnation is a way to go if you want to become unreliable, uncreative and what’s the worst boring to work with. No one these days wants to make music in one single particular way.  Summing up thing DJ’s should help each other despite their differences in ways of achieving music perfection, do not dicriminate other musicians and their means of work.