We’re here today to bring up some basic advice for beginning DJ’s, we will discuss basic equipment, some techniques, and picking suitable pieces of tech to start your ultimate journey as a real DJ. We have the idea that collecting all the necessary equipment for a music producer / DJ is not a small nutshell to crack wide open.

What begginer dj should buy?

Now to be blunt buying all the EQ, will cost a lot of money, there is no doubt about that, so be sure to pick wisely because the tech you will pick should (and it is perfectly possible) serve you for a lot of time, pushing yourself to spent thousands of dollars is not a good option to begin with if you are just starting to feel like to DJ.

First thing you will have to figure out if you want to be a vinyl or CDJ, this decision will determine which tech you’ll have to purchase and what sort of style and skills you’ll need to be a good DJ. So pick your destiny: vinyl turntables or CD DJ players. If you pick either of these you’ll need one linking device for both options, the mixer, pitch control DJ deck. This is obvious and everybody will handle this. For a digital version of DJ’ing you’ll need only one more thing and these are DJ headphones, of course this is also for vinyl counterpart but for analogue setup we’ll need a couple of more devices. DJ headphones are distinct from casual, because they are proving a high level or sound isolation which is required to work in loud performances with high quality sound systems, the price usually is pretty high, but headphones should serve you the longest from all tech.

To sum up the vinyl set-up we need a few more gadgets, like slipmats, they are used to reduce friction between platter and record which is important, vinyls are expensive and some of your collectible records may be really invaluable in the future so getting good protection methods is one of the best possibilities to preserve them in best state possible. Next are the cartridges they are used to transform grooves into actual sound signal, slipmats and cartridges may be included in the turntable setup, but it may as well not be present from the start, so be sure to remember about that. Last things are needles, a high quality needle may also give you confidence about keeping the vinyls in good shape, some of the high quality needles will cost a lot.

That’s it for today, despite what kind of path you will choose, you might want to check up the mixtools,premium samples in our boutique, keep up the good DJ work, and see you next time !