What matter we are discussing today orbits around places and ideas how to get and find best quality music for mix making purposes. There are many places where you can gain important information as a DJ and therefore get bait on new phenomenons in music in general.

dj mixtools

If you are extremely lucky, you may live near a record shop which is kind of a rare sight these days. Record shop are unique in a way that you have the possibility to unravel, great almost forgotten vinyl which have hidden gems, really rare copies for great tracks. Though that might be hard to achieved, what you should be concerned about are influences in store staff, be a curious and regular client, ask questions, you might have info in the future about these rare samples,records from the managers of the store, it may be worthwhile. What is definitely a drawback, a massive one is the fact you might want to have a fast possibility to listen to great new mixes and tracks, which never will be even released on a 7” or other vinyl therefore you need the second solution which it of course – the web.

Digital download stores are amazing, you gain excess to millions of new tracks, mixes and record from the best labels you can imagine, you can preview the tracks without searching them beforehand. You can purchase and search for tracks in many different way, you can purchase 192kbps or 320kbps mp3’s, or find out high quality FLAC format tracks. The prices are fair, or cheap in many instances you may find great tracks at a discount.