Since digital form of DJ’ing and music production got recognition and it has been proven, that going digital has many advantages over analogue forms and one of the best is mixing in key; since it is a pleasure – why not concentrate on staying on key every possible time? Below we will write about couple important reasons, why it should stay that way. All the best mixes are made and set up in key, which is amazing because now you can do that pretty easy without any effort and you can concentrate on other aspects of music production and track making.

Why should you start mixing in key ?

mixing in keyLet’s be honest – beatmatching used to be really a pain, while playing your decks and only the best and swift learners could prepare an amazing beat match and it required a lot of effort, while you couldn’t concentrate on other means and factors. Since mixing in key is really easy now, you can make more daring beatmatching, which might prove innovative in many ways, even might groove  or glitch samples to make new genre or at least blend it to make a subcategory – which is pretty awesome as well.
It is really amazing that you can easily blend tracks from different genres, so you can differentiate on larger scale than just work on solely one single or genre. It’s boring, not creative despite even sounding pretty good, but mixing in key will allow you to create many new productions and have a lot better ideas which actually can be executed correctly.
This will revolve also around new intelligent ideas, which might come as an inspiration from mixing in key. Trying new things always come with a probability of achieving something fresh, new sounding or astonishing in it’s own way. Giving chance to these ideas can make you go as high as DJ community goes – more performances, more gigs, collaborations. Everything comes with time and a little bit of luck, which is desired in experimental approach of music making – think about that!