Every good music producer or a professional songwriter with extra experience will tell you the truth, a good song must have a really steady start and mind blowing ending this type of thinking led to really extremely good songs in electronic music, we call it: the art of intro and outro, one of the most crucial rules of music making craftsmanship. It does not matter what genre you like to work with these elements are staple vitalities of tracks your listeners will enjoy and try to pinpoint. Correct intro will allow you to further develop the track into something maybe innovative creative, but most like which I’m sure of – very good sounding. Everything should go well after establishing a great introduction into song, any pro will tell you the truth.

The Intro

ea73e25863971aa965473289c84affaeThe problem with intro is quite usual I’d say, it revolves around making something creative and unusual, but not getting away from the regular build of eight, sixteen or thirty two bar chunk since you really want to keep the rhythm and the pace for the rest of the composition, therefore try not to be massively conservative, but keep the regular beats as it goes, at least try if you are not sure what is going to be next and how the track is going to build itself up for the remainder of the song. If you are going for some massive blends then you should keep your intro a bit cleaner, but if you are experimenting and you want to play up with the instruments and sound sections then prepare yourself for a blast of great intros you have possibility to make. What is really good to do in order to cut through the mix: putting a old school or massive vocal sample looped which will give you the emotion of the intro, that you cannot achieve purely with percussive instruments you make your intro usually. Getting them vocal samples,vocal loops,vocal chops is a really easy thing since you can get them here without any problems. Try vocals in the intro and tell us what do you think and how the effects went by!

The Outro

Is a much less important structural element of the song, it can be a powerful thing in the end but it is a less likely to happen in popular electronic music tracks, that’s just things roll(snare rolls), this does not mean you can treat it lightly. What you need to remember is to make a fully smooth transition from the main body of the mixed track to the end, the outro must blend perfectly so there dance floor will not react poorly to the overall performance because the song finished really bleak and blunt, try to avoid this at any cost since it may ruin the perfectly fine intro you’ve worked so hard for many days. Keep it all together and cool and everything should finish off amazingly easily.