Music production from the start is supposed to be a fun experience, you love music, your passion for DJ’ing and electronic music in general goes through the roof and you want to show your passion in the best possible way – by making great music. You don’t care about anything else, but efficiency and praises on social media friends so on and so forth. But as the time passes by you realise how much time and effort it takes to actually make great music. Lot’s of hours put into music making, mixing, the actual lack of positive feedback, low tech equipment – therefore lack of interest in your music by others. All this can affect your ways of thinking about music producing as a passion.

Selling out / making money a big factor

So how should we relate to this matter? You need money to purchase great equipment in order to step up your music producing game. You need to get all kind of travelling expenses if you are keen on performing live, which is always great. Last but not least, mix tools are also paying a great factor in adding depth, creativity to your tracks, new fresh ideas,new sample packs. All those needs income and money spent regularly, so why not make money of music? You can call that selling out, but you can also make it ethically reasonable. Your music is not getting any recognition? Try to research popular topics and engage your ideas into that market. It can be in the long run very fun and compelling, and it will actually get your name out there. There is no worse thing that music without a purpose. If you can handle that then you clearly are ready to be responsible to earn money from your passion.