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DJ sound effects for music production, ale the newest solutions for utilisation of sound effects for music producers and DJ’s

Headphones and Microphone

Vocal samples in modern electronic music productions

Vocal samples & acapella packs are very popular among djs and music producers. They let you create much more interesting tunes. You can either record them in studio or...
acapella dj

Who is The World's Best DJ?

As it has been in previous years, DJ Mag has announced their list of TOP50 Techno & House Dj's around the world. And again, as it was a year...
cassette tape

Free Loop Packs

Free loop packs are popular solution for many musical purposes these days. Today I will show you some of them and share the download links to get some nice...
recording console photo

How to master recordings? Working with sound frequencies

The instruments and voice recordings are not always in best possible quality. Today I will explain to you how to work with sound frequencies in your mixes. And how...

EDM Synths | What should you look up to ? | Tips and Tricks

The Intro While being a DJ or Music Producer in 21 century is not a big deal and basically many people get into it relatively with ease in a hobby...

For all the New Years Eve DJ's preparing sets and mixes

New Years Eve, is coming tomorrow, since most people will just prepare a small party or simple go out for a fancy dinner and have a great time. Well...

Must Have DJ Skills for DJ'ing in any possible place and time

Despite all the things people are saying about DJ skills and techniques - that this job is easy and everybody can do it in a matter of minutes -...
dj equipment

When DJ Equipment is gone Dealing and preventing theft.

There are times in life of a producer or a DJ when you will accumulate lot's of music production equipment. Through the hardships there comes finally time when you...

DJ Composing and Production | Quick Tips For You

Keeping up with DJ composing and music making Going forward we still got some resources to when it comes to giving advice to DJ's and music producers. Today we will...

Music Production | Part 2 of making your projects better and efficient

Music Production: continuing the guide We are coming back to the discussion from the last week about becoming a successful producer, when you are stuck in full time job or...





Welcome to the Black Friday Sale 2020

All our samples are -20% All you need it use this code during the checkout: bf2020 or click the link: https://www.lucidsamples.com/?voucher=bf2020 To get -20% on all your shopping cart...

New sample packs

We are happy to account you new sample packs: MINIMAL BUNDLE 2020:https://www.lucidsamples.com/bundles-sample-packs/336-minimal-bundle-2020.html Packs bundle - 3 in 14600+ samples & loopsSize: 4,59 GB unzipped contentExtra reduced...

How The Music Industry Will Look In 2020?

Our world is changing and progressing rapidly, and the music industry is not an exception. We are living in a digital era, and in...