Sean Griffiths wrote down an interesting thought on vinyl culture in DJ communities, it seem that many producers and DJ’s are negative towards the new trends where people do not use vinyls nowhere near as in the past and use CDJ’s and files instead. Author takes notice of that at festival he has been at, people tend to look at turntables, vinyls as a way of craftsmanship, if are good at juggling you basically have all it take to become the best DJ, and for certainly you are better then CDJ scrubs. This way of thinking is kind of sad and author kinda feel this way. The crucial point made in the article is the most important statement in electronic music by itself. “…the fact is that music, like most other things, is driven by technology – and people will always use whatever’s readily at hand and most practical to make and play it.(…)” This alongside with great examples of how things work, makes the theory of skill and musianship of many vinyl DJ’s(vinyl sounds) very dull and what is more important old fashioned. People should get used to new things and try to adapt if possible. If not, at least we could save the criticism of new methods for ourselves… Read the full article below.
1. Mixmag