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  • - דגימות ימאהה DX7 אגדיות
    - 72 צלילים מרובי דגימות
    - בסים אנלוגיים, רפידות, לידים, סינתטיים
    - גודל לאחר פריקה: 3,6 GB
    - מולטיפורמט: GIGA (multis), WAV, NKI, FXP

    הורמוניק גאה להציג בפניכם אוסף מדגם מקיף של סינתטי וינטג 'קלאסיים עצמאיים. ספריית דוגמאות זו כוללת 3.6 ג'יגה-בתים של צלילים ייחודיים המוכנים לשימוש עם ...

    מחיר: £16.00

מציג% 1 $ d -% 2 $ d מתוך פריט אחד

Halion  - חבילות לדוגמא

In our shop we are having almost all, if not all major and popular formats. We could not call us professional if we would not have the great Halion sampler player format included in some of our sample packs. Steinberg product is ultra-effective when it is all about to make a track using sampled instruments. We are having hardware sounds sound packs sampled into that wonderful sampler format (Fxp). What makes Halion so good...internal tools that makes writing music really simple, outstanding fx'es section that can give us producers even more sound creation availabilities. Time stitching and pitch shifting, and also loops chopping are standard in this sampler. Internal interface is clean and visible. Sampler Supports also multi monitor workflow option. Those elements of this great sampler gave us also an impulse to make samples in Halion Fxp format. There is nothing better than using great quality sampled hardware sound packs that You can buy in Our shop .It is all about to make great music with the best pieces of software....isn't it?