Hardstyle Midi (Remastered Version)

מחיר: £32.00

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סיכום קצר

- 223 דוגמאות מידי
- 625 דוגמאות שמע
- גרסאות יבשות / רטובות
- גודל לאחר פריקה: 950 מגהבייט
- פורמטים זמינים: WAV, AIFF (+ Midis)

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  • חבילת מידי Hardstyle - דוגמאות Hard Techno Midi & Wav

    About Hardstyle Midi

    We present the new sample pack with contains Hardstyle Midis. Over 200 midi files and over 600 audio samples are enough to make interesting hardstyle/ hardcore/ techno lead lines by yourself. You can use ready loops, assign your own patches to the midi files or modify these midi files for your needs. All loops were carefully tuned, so that their quality really satisfactory to. Some of midi samples contain hardstyle lead lines, bass lines and pad lines!

    Content of Hardstyle Midi

    • 49 Rhythmic midi samples
    • 120 Melodic midi samples
    • 54 Rhythmic-melodic midi samples
    • + 625 audio samples!

    * This is a remastered version of this sample pack, only available in our store.

    * Fx sounds and kicks used in demo comes from Hardstyle FX

    In the Free Samples category, you can find free hardstyle midi sample!