Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1

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Short summary
- 128 acoustic guitar licks
- 56 midi files
- Pop/ rock/ ballad vibes
- Size after unpacking: 734 mb
- Format: 24-Bit Wav

'Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1' is a collection of 127 ready to use guitar licks which have pop/rock/ballad vibes. Guitars sound pleasant to the ear and they automatically get the listener...

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  • About Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1

    'Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1' is a collection of 128 ready to use guitar licks which have pop/rock/ballad vibes. Guitars sound pleasant to the ear and they automatically get the listener into certain mood. The melodies which are made on major scale are joyful and positive. The minor chords sound more sentimental. Everyone will find something for themselves. All the licks are available in two versions – original and mastered. Attached midi files with the chord recordings allow to have a look at every melody and they are huge facilitation when trying to build own arrangements.

    Technical specification:

    - 128 guitar licks
    - Dry and mastered versions
    - Midi files with accords recordings
    - Major and minor scale melodies
    - Information about used scale attached to every file
    - Total time of samples: 47:18 min.
    - Quality: 24-bit wav

    Detailed content:

    14 Big 12 Strings 126 BPM
    22 Bright Guitar 103 BPM
    14 Mega Nylon 124 BPM
    14 Mega Steel 120 BPM
    04 Mega Steel 128 BPM
    14 Mute & Slide 120 BPM
    04 Old Strings AF1&2 124 BPM
    08 Thick Strum 114 BPM
    10 Thin Pick 120 BPM
    10 Two Acoustics 120 BPM
    10 Unplugged 126 BPM

    + 56 midi files

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