Drum Loops

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Minimal Heaven Vol. 2

Minimal Heaven Vol. 2

- 1008 all samples
- 458 loops
- 88 synthlines
- 119 sound effects
- 59 midi samples
- Loops BPM: 126-128
- 1,59 GB unzipped content
- 24bit-44.1 kHz Wav Format

Chillout Strings

Chillout Strings

- 72 Chillout Strings
- 61 Midi Samples
- 104 Drum Loops
- Tempo 50-120 BPM
- Suitable for chillout, lounge, enigmatic music
- 2,12 GB of unzipped content
- Format: Wav (24bit - 96kHz)

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Drum Loops

Drum loops are essential when it comes to beat making, possibly any DJ and producer out there possesses a huge amount of beats at their disposal. If you want to be ahead of everybody in the business then stock up on music production tools like drum loops at Lucid Samples. Download huge collections of drum loop samples and percussion loops. Create with ease and pleasure your own club music tracks, electronic music, hip hop, R'n'B, pop or instrumental ethnic music. Hundreds of Drum Loops today may be at your disposal. Reach for ready-made percussion and drum loops. Feel the comfort of choosing from thousands of loops for heavy drum oriented play styles. There are no exceptions get them now and make your dreams come true.