• We call construction kits a batch of loops and sounds that in many ways and configurations work together in order to create a viable backing track, tools provided in this kind of sample packs are in the same key.
    Construction Kits are viable option for producers who enjoy working with ready-made tools and love to apply these kind of solutions while working on a important project. These tools save you time and money, as well as give you a lot of room for an improvement and experiments.

  • Here you will find excellent Mixtools in the form of great-sounding dj samples. Download our DJ Sounds and start producing your own beats instanly. All dj samples and DJ Loops available in this category are Royalty-Free. We want You to enjoy the unlimited possibilities of Music Production. The following Sample Packs can be recommended for both DJ's, Music Producers, and anyone who just wants to start their adventure with music production. We hope that our DJ Samples will help you to create tracks, that we will hear at the local clubs and parties.
    This category is the prime reason why you should visit Lucid Samples very often, we guarantee you fresh music production tools at any time you will need them. The variety is huge so browse up and check if you sample library need any new mixtools right now.
    Download various DJ sounds and produce your own beats and melodies. All dj samples and DJ loops available in this category are Royalty-Free. We would like You to enjoy the unlimited possibilities of music production, therefore you will find here any possible genre you might be interested in ranging from chillout and cinematic through techno and trance to hardstyle and hardcore as well as more extreme genres you might want to explore.

  • Drum loops are essential when it comes to beat making, possibly any DJ and producer out there possesses a huge amount of beats at their disposal. If you want to be ahead of everybody in the business then stock up on music production tools like drum loops at Lucid Samples. Download huge collections of drum loops and percussion loops. Create with ease and pleasure your own club music tracks, electronic music, hip hop, R'n'B, pop or instrumental ethnic music. Hundreds of Drum Loops today may be at your disposal. Reach for ready-made percussion and drum loops. Feel the comfort of choosing from thousands of loops for heavy drum oriented play styles. There are no exceptions get them now and make your dreams come true.

  • Are you ready to make huge beats and tracks which are going to be played and used everywhere around the world. If so, then take your time and select through amazing collection of drum samples which can be handy in process of making your career as a DJ.
    Check out our intense drum samples used by professional DJ's and producers in many commercial and underground music productions. Now you can have sample packs including thousands of percussion and drum sounds, thanks to them you'll have the chance to come into the world of music production. The selection of samples if very impressive, which gives you many opportunities to outwit and outsmart other DJ's forcing their way at the top. More tools means more work, since that's the case, you will have full schedule reserved only for producing mind blowing tracks and beats which is what every producer and DJ wants the most.

  • Loops are playing big part in sampling culture and community and it always been significant to DJ's all around the world, please take notice of our sample packs containing high quality loops and use them without limits in non-profit and commercial manner. Choose from a variety of loops packs and find exciting sounds. You will find among them synthetic loops, VST instrument loops and always highly anticipated vocal loops. If you are tired of the constant disappointment of the quality of sample packs you've bought in the past, then your worries are over, choose Lucid Samples and find out how effortless and enjoyable can be working with our tools. If you are a veteran producer or high roller DJ who is in the zone for many years, you know how important are loops and similar goodies. They make your work less like a chore, effortless and effective on top of that. Loops are pretty important when it comes to making tension before big drops, and generally if you need good filling in your productions and tracks.

  • In this category we listed sampled instruments in a form of multisamples. The difference in the quality makes your music sound more professionally, deeper and warmer, and your mix is a lot better. If you cannot currently afford to buy expensive equipment and want to take advantage of high quality multisamples, then this is your chance. Furthermore the time you will save is quite a big factor here, in mare minutes you can become the owner of high-quality fine sounding instrument which will make your heart race in heat of the moment.
    Multisamples are playing more and more important role in DJ communities just check out and ask your fellow DJ's we are sure they already got themselves a hefty batch of multisamples and they are already working on new fresh music. Do not fall behind and check out our selection right now.

  • One of the most used DJ samples right now are so called One shots, they are so popular because of the versatility of how you as a music producer can take advantage of the mixtools. No matter what genre you are into, we are sure you will find helpful, efficient and high quality one shot sample packs for professional DJ's and producers. If you are into quick and effective music composing or you need to add something spicy to your music and tracks, feel free to check up this category, you will not be disappointed.

  • This category will provide you will soundsets and banks which will fill up your synthesizer will amazing music production tools. If you are searching for high quality pads with warm, airy, atmospheric sounds you are in the right place, but if you are still not convinced check out the demos and find out what Lucid Samples offers.

  • Please, feel free to find here premium FX sound packs including professional ones commercial as well as rare, you'll also find underground WAV sound effects. We would like to invite you to check out space SFX Sound Effects, spatial textures, awesome scratches, laser sounds, noise effects and many others. Using Downfilter and Upfilter FX samples and Impacts or Hits you can make professional transitions and achieve greater musical fidelity. Our WAV Sound Effects are for different genres and applications. We hope you'll find out their quality and use them successfully in your Music Productions. All FX Sound Packs are for Direct Download from our website to your hard drive and you can next import Sound Effects into your favorite Software.

  • Three-dimensional Sounds from the whole world, recorded on best reference microphones! These 3D sounds are adjusted for 5.1 and 7.1 audio systems. Download at Lucid Samples, nowhere else! Ambient sounds and special sound effects realized in surround technology.
  • Acapella Vocals are used in all kind of music genres from dance and house to hardstyle and liquid drum and bass. Our acapella sample packs are great when you are up to engage in for new forms of creativity in tracks. What you want to accomplish: adding great amount of depth to your music productions, finding new ideas for your tracks and DJ mixes, getting those drops fuller so people on the dance floor will feel instant heat. Making your own vocals can be difficult, it requires great voice, sense of progression in tracks and good timing. That's why we are coming to you will great quality acapella vocal cuts and mix tools which will make your productions top notch. Pulling them off with a little bit of cheekiness will completely change the way you look at your previous work and the newly founded ideas. Whether you hear them in the club or in your favorite podcast, acapella vocals always make you think 'oh my that sounds great!' and yes, many other producers think that way: good vocals compliment great sounds. That is way you should definitely hear out our Free Vocal Samples to experiment if those suit your needs, every pack has it's demo so you can go through them as well to find out how good and quality Lucid Samples really are. Download unique, one of a kind vocal acapella sample packs, you cannot get them anywhere else and you won't be disappointed.

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Please, feel free to check out here our finest Sample Packs and other Music Production Mixtools sort by Types. You can feel free to check up for instance Vocals, Construction Tools and many more. Please also check out the demos and find out why Lucid Samples is becoming the best label in sampling out there.