• We have entered one of the biggest communities in music production, now you can fill up your Digital Audio Workstations on Macs and Apple Products. We know that many producers trust Apple and have used their hardware for years, that is why we decided to help out and make samples and mix tools in the format compatible with Mac.  For all of You that are not familiar with this format, AIFF is strictly dedicated to Mac and it was developed by Apple company. What is the advantage of this format? It is not compressed, so it is working fast, and it is lossless. Because whole idea was developed and created by Apple engineers, AIFF format fits great to native Apple products like GarageBand and obviously Logic. If You are on other DAW and especially at Windows you need to look inside the manual file of your native DAW Sampler and read carefully if this format is working properly with Your chosen sampler. Nowadays at the market we're having a huge selection of commercial and freeware sample players. If You are using some other sampler than Your native DAW one, therefore You need to know also if its working with AIFF format or not. Apple Loops and Samples are the same quality as WAV. Samples file so, all people who have not worked so far with this format can use it without any hesitation like the most popular producers are doing using AIFF format, making their chartbreakers inside Apple Logic DAW. Check them out right now!!!

  • How many times You have looked up for great sound libraries that would be compatible with great Logic sampler? With Us You will not be disappointed. Lot of Our sound packs do have also mapped samples into Exs24 format. It means that great Electro House, Dance, Trance, House sample packs can be used without any problem in Your favourite Mac sample player. Bonus advantage of sample packs that are having Exs24 format is the fact, that all of them do have various sample formats. This great Logic Pro player as many of the best right now, do have arability of making zones and groups of particular solo or multi samples. That is not all...Inside there is built in sample editor. Envelopes, lfos and great filters enables You to do miracles with our soundware packs especially those done for Exs24. You do have Logic? Never tried it internal ultra-flexible sample player? Check it Out with Our sample packs, and You will find that Your tracks will be sounding professional.

  • Use ready-made Midi files to create in easier and faster manner the music you always wanted to. Each finished sequence of melody can be customized with the existing music or used to fill a brand new track in a given sequence of midi. Each phrase can be flexibly and freely modify, extend or simplify, create an unlimited number of variations and transitions. Assume today ready for use Midi samples and valuable the knowledge of construction professional musical phrases. It depends on particular Midi sound pack what kind of melody elements You can have. Some of our Midi collection also do have ready WAV samples to help use Midi files in correct way. In the same way like in demos that You can preheat at each product information details site. Other packs do have lot of really useful Midi files and full Wav samples loops, ready made from melodies included in product. If You are searching for melodies for specific genre, look at covers and names of each pack that will help you to choose correct one that can be really interesting. Best sample packs are often also filled with multitrack midi samples....We do have those kind of multi sound packs in our store. In that way You can create full track using only Our samples and midis. As You can see ready professional Midi files, can really help all of You no matter, if You have been doing music for long years or just started. Different genres do have various writing techniques, so that is why look inside wonderful Midi sound packs that we have prepared directly for You

  • Choose from the finest collection of products containing Giga Sampler format (Gig) and download samples directly to your hard drive. Find out how can you expand your sound and possibilities, check out what can be achieved with Giga samples and enter the world of real music producers. All those of You, that have trusted the Gig format won’t be disappointed. Nowadays this format seems to be a bit in shadow in comparison with others, but everyone, who are familiar with this one, now how to use it, will find some of our great sample libraries equipped together with Gig files. As always to make products in this category even more professional sample packs are having various file formats that can be read with the best samplers available at the audio market.

  • SoundFont is most popular format, if we talking about full octave multisampling play availability. You can import SF2 files (soundfonts) to: NI Kontakt, Motu MachFive, Steinberg HALion, Apple EXS24 (Logic Pro), Maz Sound Tools VSampler, Image-Line DirectWave (Fl Studio), Cakewalk Sonar, Yellow Tools Independence, RGC:audio SFZ+ and more...Why SF2 audio format is so vastly acceptable by almost all payware and freeware Sample Players? The idea of using SF2 with success in music production is multisampled mapping of SF2, as we mentioned above. That means if You like some patch of particular synth, then you can easily get this patch in this format. Best well known hardware synths and the best sounding patches, can be found in soundware packs in this category. As always You can find SF2 files packs for lot of various music styles here. From Electro House, Ambient, Chillout, Trance, Hands Up even to strictly Hardcore sounds. Some sets are specially done to give for example bass or leads sounds, dedicated not only for one but for various music genres. Becouse SF2 have multisample availabilities this section contains generally: Leads, Basses, Fxes, Pads, Stabs, Plucks, Classical Synths sounds. In summary we can say that if you are looking for best sampled great synth sounds, this section is dedicated for You. You do not need fancy Rom players, check out huge database of Our sample instruments and start making tracks that You always wanted to do.

  • Lot of us Producers do really enjoy working with Rex2 files. This standard was created by Propellerhead audio software company team. This one is really cool, if we are looking for a files size compression....it can do even 50 % of file size reduction. That is not all. This format is vastly supported by huge amount of DAWs. In this place you can look for great sample packs that are supported also with other formats. It means that as usually, we are fulfilling our products with the best possible quality. Easiness of workflow during music making with our soundware, is one of our biggest priority. That is why our soundpacks generally, are multiformat supported. If You have used REX files for sure You do remember, that they were mono. The advantage of Rex2 files is the fact, that they are also stereo supported. In our sample packs supported by Rex2 files, You can find huge variety of different loops like: chords, drums, construction kits. Variety of loops devoted only for House music genres is awesome. Check out Latin, Tribal, Deep, Garage, Electro, soundpacks for House music supported with Rex2 files. We do have also soundpacks with funtastic samples crafted not only for House music only. Such genres as 2 step, Dancehall, Reagee, Dub are also supported. You like to use samples in Rex2 format? Don't wait to check out what's inside our great Lucid samples collection.

  • WAV is the most popular format of the digital sound on PC platform. All producers needs to be familiar with this format, because it is the windows native one. Like the Mac's AIFF, WAV format is uncompressed, so it means that audio streaming is fast and direct. Almost all our samples packs are equipped with WAV format. Some starting producers can ask question why? Answer hides in compatibility of particular Sample Players. Almost all of them can open this format created by Microsoft Company. If You are looking, does Your beloved sampler can load and work with the WAV sample files, just go to the manual and read it careful. The quality of bits rating inside each sample pack is ultra-high. Some of them are even more than this, - we offer 24bits samples also. In this category You can find samples for almost all possible music genres including most popular nowadays :Electro Pop, Electro House, Trap. On the other hand You can find samples, that fits into some one type of sound, like great pads collections or EDM FX drops. Choosing this type of format You are sure that desired sounds, that You are hearing in demos, can be used inside Your favourite DAW. Generally our goal is to provide You the best quality of use of our sample packs. That is why some of them do have even more than format files than standard WAV. As You can see it is really good to choose our samples, and trust our company.

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We all know, that important for each user is picking the correct format for digital audio workstation or sampler, therefore we enabled the ability to search for mixtools by correct formats. Please feel free to find here always the correct formats for our finest sample packs.