Isato Full Beatbox Pack

Isato Full Beatbox Pack - 100% Human Beatbox Sounds & Loops

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- 100% Human Beatbox
- 917 Human Voice Sounds
- Instrumental Voices
- DJ Scratch Loops
- Vocal MC Phrases
- Size: 373 MB unzipped content
- Formats: 24-bit WAV, NI Kontakt, Battery

Isato Full Beatbox Pack

About the Artist:

Hey, my name is Isato Boyko aka Isato Beatbox.
The art of human beatboxing is my passion in life and my mission is to spread the beatbox love around the world by creating music using only my voice. I started beatboxing 12 years ago and I am blessed to turn it into my profession in life and a career. I got perform around the world with my A cappella group Voca People. I've been fortune to participate in many commercials, radio stations and TV Shows.

About the Package:

With the "Isato Full Beatbox Pack" you will be able to create a full track from rhythm section to the harmonies only with the human voice. It has it all from drums, percussions to Special effects to make a funky beat. It has all the sounds of a band from guitars, trumpets to synthesizers to make an amazing melodies and harmonies with the human voice. We added a full folder of DJ scratch loops and vocal MC phrases to add some energy and style to your track. To take it to the next level we made unique Kontact Patches where you will be able to literally play with my voice box on your keyboard. Use the many music instrument sounds that I created and play with them on your keyboard from the Violin pizzicato and Synth Leads to brass instruments and more.

Now you are able to create a whole musical production using only the human voice with this full beatbox package. Personally I believe that the human voice is a beautiful and unique instrument that I love. Human beatbox will add that special living sound to your productions. I hope you will enjoy it as I enjoyed making it.

People can use it in any music genre from: EDM, hip hop, pop, funk, rock, jazz, trap, dancehall, raggetone etc. Kick are kick, it doesn't really matter if it's electronic kick or beatbox kick, it's the same instruments just made with the voice. That fills the same purpose in music production.

Equipment used for recording the pack:

The sounds were recorded with 3 microphones simultaneously to get the best sound as possible. We used Audix d6 to catch the low frequencies and 2 neumann U-87 for the the full range. All 3 microphones were routed through api and EMI pre-amps, and mixed at the output stage for the best results. This way of recording we captured the full spectrum of the human beatbox sound.

Isato Full Beatbox Pack Content:

  • 58 Kicks
  • 68 Snares
  • 28 Hi-hats
  • 17 Cymbals
  • 21 Rims
  • 15 Toms
  • 26 Percussions
  • 18 Claps
  • 25 Breathing
  • 46 Special effects
  • 12 Vocal Scratch Loops 90 BPM
  • 20 Vocal Scratch Loops 100 BPM
  • 19 Vocal Scratch Loops 110 BPM
  • 10 Vocal Scratch Loops 115 BPM
  • 12 Vocal Scratch Loops 120 BPM
  • 13 Vocal Scratch Loops 125 BPM
  • 14 Vocal Scratch Loops 130 BPM
  • 13 Vocal Scratch Loops 135 BPM
  • 14 Vocal Scratch Loops 140 BPM
  • 16 Vocal Scratch Loops 170 BPM
  • 23 Vocal Scratch Loops 180 BPM
  • 10 Human Beatbox Beats 80 BPM
  • 13 Human Beatbox Beats 90 BPM
  • 11 Human Beatbox Beats 95 BPM
  • 12 Human Beatbox Beats 100 BPM
  • 12 Human Beatbox Beats 105 BPM
  • 11 Human Beatbox Beats 110 BPM
  • 12 Human Beatbox Beats 115 BPM
  • 14 Human Beatbox Beats 120 BPM
  • 14 Human Beatbox Beats 125 BPM
  • 19 Human Beatbox Beats 130 BPM
  • 12 Human Beatbox Beats 135 BPM
  • 21 Human Beatbox Beats 140 BPM
  • 13 Human Beatbox Beats 150 BPM
  • 14 Human Beatbox Beats 160 BPM
  • 12 Human Beatbox Beats 170 BPM
  • 14 Human Beatbox Beats 180 BPM
  • 8 Trumpet (Octave)
  • 8 Saxophone (Octave)
  • 8 Didgeridoo (Octave)
  • 7 Guitar wah (Octave)
  • 9 Bass Guitar (Octave)
  • 7 Aggressive Bass Clean (Octave)
  • 7 Aggressive Bass Distortion (Octave)
  • 8 Synth Lead (Octave)
  • 8 Synth High (Octave)
  • 7 Synth Buzz (Octave)
  • 7 Synth Distortion (Octave)
  • 11 Pizzicato (Octave)
  • 32 Throat Bass Wobbles 140 BPM
  • 14 High Pitch Wobbles 140 BPM
VOCAL PHRASES [32 phrases]

In total: 917 beatbox samples
Size: 373 MB unzipped content
Formats: 24-bit WAV, NI Kontakt, Battery