Newly established producers and DJ’s are often overlooking pretty good gear that are crucial in music industry. Today we will be talking about studio monitors. Monitoring sound is very important and forgetful producers are listing them on very last place on the list of equipment they are going to get or exchange for new. Imagine having great DJ mix, everything works smooth you are feeling the sounds and beats are all working wonders, but you don’t have the means to hear it in perfect quality. That is why having great sound monitors is a very important part of working as a professional music producer.

Why Studio Monitors are so important ?

studio monitorsMusic producers when they are beginning they journey with electronic sounds and sound engineering are investing in whole kind of DJ gear, mixers, decks, software which can be really expensive at first. That’s why taking away budget off studio monitors can be one of the first steps producers will make in order to start making music. That’s when your perfect mixup can go actually really wrong, since you need to perfect quality as a producer. Typical hi-fi stereo speakers aren’t meant to make music, they flatten the sound and sound monitors work the other way around. You need a crystal clear sound in order to properly evaluate to quality of sound and if the composition is blending perfectly.

Quality and placement of Sound Monitors

Young producer will handle himself for the most time with low budget speakers, but the first thing to buy when you will earn some good money from a performance should be quality pair of sound monitors. It is crucial to improve a long way as a producer – it will change dramatically how you do perceive sound making. So, think about it, about your future as a fancy modern music producer. It may change everything in the long run and if you are thinking about high quality monitors, remember to learn how to set them properly. There is nothing worse than placing your gear in the wrong order and place. First crucial rule is keeping the monitors off the wall and try to establish them at good angles. It’s really easy when you are looking at the setup from above – the speakers and your head should create a perfect triangle. Follow this rule and your will be ready to go!