This is the third part of the comprehensive guide for beginner to self-taught advanced music producer, but not the least hopefully. We have got a really good feedback around the second part from our readers, therefore we give it an extended period of time to build up a couple of more observed mistakes made by producers on a daily basis without realising it. If you have a couple more tips you have found out and you are fond of – give us a comment and we will include it in the future, now without further a due, lets get into the initial part of the tricks and tips part.

Mistakes… mistakes were made…

If you are taking you tracks and music production very seriously, you cannot simply afford take laugh of this – wear a hat that covers your ears during the production. It just happens we see our buddies making great new stuff and then proceed to mixdown with a beanie. Avoid this at all cost because it blocks the frequencies of the DJ sounds you are working on, anything that manipulates with your hearing is really bad for the mixdown, therefore discipline yourself as much as you can.

Less compression, more creativity

You have your reference track, you are ready to make history, but that is not enough – you need to push yourself to the limits and think out of the box. Brainstorm some great ideas for a rhythm section for instance, get great new innovative, modern samples and tweak them for great quality idea, try new sounds, construction kits, play with music and it will be a great form of getting inspiration for curative tracks and music production. If you are good with creativeness, remember to not to do overwork the compression, use it sparingly or only when you really want to change the drum sound characteristics. In the end most of the young producers use VST or virtual instruments so everything is pretty much even out. Keep everything simple and don’t compress just for the sake of it.

No copypasta and DJ Techniques

Lastly, try not to emulate the styles of other DJ’s and music producers, unless you have a finished idea for the song and you really put hard work into the mix overall. Don’t copy the ideas, but use the tips and tricks that were established by the producer you admire. When you are up to the task, try to use newly learned techniques – it will add depth and fidelity into the mixdown and the track in general, so the end effect will be mind blowing.
That’s everything for today. We will comeback with more tips in the last part of the guide. Keep up the good work and make great audio tunes.