Psygate FX

- 619 "gated" fx sounds
- 152 loops, drums, synths
- Usefulness in trance, techno, electronic, experimental music
- 1,5 GB of uncompressed content
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (24Bit)

Psygate FX – Original and Unusual Gated Sound Effects

Format: WAV Files (24Bit)

About Psygate FX

Psygate FX is an original and unusual proposition regarding those sound effects which are specifically intended for electronic music, trance and psy trance. The main element of this set is characteristic broken, ‘gated’ sound which appears in most of the samples. We also add 151 bonus samples: basslines, drums, loops, synths in trance/ psy trance climate to accelerate the possibilities of making music only by using this set of samples. Music created from these samples sounds interesting and has good quality. It gives climatic and trance ambience. These effects can be used to build transitions as well as to complete the composition. We give you our sincere recommendation!

The content of Psygate FX:

152 Bonus Sounds
106 Claps FX
87 Crash FX
49 Effects 1
25 Effects 2
27 Effects 3
43 Effects 4
73 Effects 5
23 Expgate FX
33 Psytrance FX
143 Stereo Gated FX
10 Trancegate Fx

Bonus sounds are divided into:

- 22 basslines
- 23 claps
- 25 gated loops
- 19 hihats
- 30 kicks
- 13 loops
- 19 synths

Claps FXs are divided into:

- 25 dry gated claps
- 40 stereo gated claps
- 41 trancegate claps

Crash FXs are divided into:

- 22 gated crash
- 12 industrial crash
- 19 psytrance crash
- 34 trancegate crash


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