dj collaboration

DJ Collaboration has been one of the best way to learn and get experience and appreciation from other DJ’s and producers around the world, since now all the people DJ collaboration based act mostly live by getting together, moving all the stuff, working out all the thing at one place so partnership can happen, it requires basically a lot of money and the most crucial thing – time. New techniques and forms of expression had happen to arrive and so on methods of DJ collaboration on of it was and we talk about it thoroughly. Now you can have DJ collaboration with massive amounts of DJ’s and music producers by one of the methods we will unveil, one of the nicest things happen to partnership and new software and platforms which in a big way changing the whole concept to a new level first thing is Dropbox using it is really easy and comfortable, one person is saving the project and in a matter of minutes other have access to it, to make tweaks and add new freshness to it, it doesn’t require any time and money funds just easy steps uploads and that’s it, when you are working with the file and others as well, it will update automatic after some period of time as a backup.

Methods for remote DJ collaboration with DJ’s

dj collaborationThe other method which I love personally is using internet call sessions or hangouts therefore in real time you can get together with your partners to work with you without any problems and without riding massive kilometres road just to meet up, it never been much easier then this, it is not the same as meeting up but what can you do right? online hangout give you amazing opportunities to collaborate with people you might never have a chance to meet in person. Well, that’s all on the matter, try new things you will not regret it, if you cannot get any DJ collaboration in performances and live acts then get in touch with online communities!