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Short summary
- 2000+ drum samples
- 1200+ loops
- Noisy, crushing, sharp sounds
- A lot of unusual techno/ industrial loops
- Suitable for techno, industrial & hardcore techno, schranz, gabber, noise.
- Size: 1,17 GB unzipped content
- Format: WAV

You've never heard anything like this before! This gigantic collection of noisy and crushing drum samples will impress...

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  • About Noisy Drummer

    You've never heard anything like this before! This gigantic collection of noisy and crushing drum samples will impress even the most sophisticated extreme thrill seekers. Noisy Drummer contains over 2000 powerful, overdriven and spicy drum sounds and over 1200 stimulating loops. This is uncontested rarity for all the people who create industrial techno, hardcore techno, schranz, noise, gabber music. In this pack you can find: 422 claps, 52 crash, 205 hihats, 501 kicks, 205 perc sounds, 94 rides, 550 snares, 24 toms and 48 125-BPM loops, 409 140-BPM loops, 524 150-BPM loops, 86 155-BPM loops and 174 175-BPM loops. All together it's over 3000 of professional quality audio samples. Among this gigantic contents there can be also found a lot of untypical kicks, ambience, industrial, percussion, indie, special loops and drum loops construction kits.

    Noisy Drummer is perfect tool for hard electronic music producers, who seek something unordinary with strong character. This one of a kind collection may give you an injection of sound adrenalin today!


    Detailed contents of Noisy Drummer:



    107 Down Claps
    193 Hard Claps
    61 Spicy Claps
    61 Spicy Claps Mono


    23 Long Crash
    29 Short Crash


    58 Closed Hihats
    83 Electronic Hats
    64 Open Hihats


    219 Distorted Kicks 1
    39 Distorted Kicks 2
    36 Distorted Kicks 3
    128 Hard Kicks
    79 Spicy Kicks


    50 Ambience Snares
    50 Ambience Snares Mono
    17 Down Long Snares
    17 Down Long Snares Mono
    73 Down Short Snares
    73 Down Short Snares Mono
    92 Hard Snares 1
    71 Hard Snares 2
    20 Long Snares
    20 Long Snares Mono
    67 Noise Snares

    205 Perc
    94 Rides
    24 Toms


    125 BPM Loops

    6 Loops Kits - 48 samples

    140 BPM Loops

    40 Clap Loops
    40 Clap Loops Mono
    51 Industrial Loops
    28 Kick Loops
    88 Loops
    14 Percussion Loops
    40 Special Loops
    6 Loops Kits - 108 samples

    150 BPM Loops

    44 Ambience Loops
    06 AMP Loops
    09 Clap Loops
    17 Indie Loops
    45 Industrial Loops
    221 Kick Loops
    40 Loops
    27 Percussion Loops
    9 Loops Kits - 115 samples

    155 BPM Loops

    5 Loops Kits - 86 samples

    175 BPM Loops

    141 Kick Loops
    4 Loops Kits - 33 samples

    In Total: 2053 drum sounds & 1241 loops
    Size: 1,17 GB unzipped content
    Format: Wav

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