Wonderful Pads

Wonderful Pads - 110 Long Wav Pad Samples

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- 110 Long Pad Samples
- Warm, Deep, Chill Sound
- Tempo: 90-126 BPM
- Size: 800 mb (unzipped)
- Format: 24-Bit Wav

About Wonderful Pads

Wonderful Pads are the samples that lots of music producers have dreamed about, but only until now! We offer you 19 complete sets of Pads that will help you create 19 unique pieces of music, each of them featuring a different theme. The Pads sound warm, deep and sophisticated, and the melodies are mellow and relaxing – which means they are best for chillout music. With these highly attractive and ready-to-use samples you will elevate your music productions sky-high!

All Pads are 24 bit Wav format. Each Pad line is additionally sampled in 'oct+' and 'oct-” (one octave up/one octave down) version. In this way you are able to mix and arrange your melodies freely and flexibly. You can put together pads in different octaves too to achieve a fuller sound. Duration of most of the samples is from 20 to 40 seconds. These are some of the best and original samples around!

Detailed list of contents:

90 Bpm Pads:

- 6 Chill Phaser Pad
- 4 Fantasy Pad
- 2 Journey Pad
- 12 Lucid Love Pad

100 Bpm Pads:

- 8 Calm Noise Pad
- 6 Chill Pad
- 3 Dream Pad
- 3 Joyful Pad
- 2 Warm & Calm Pad

110 Bpm Pads

- 8 Atmosphere Pad
- 12 Chillout Beach

120 Bpm Pads

- 3 Fantasy Piano
- 6 Nice Pad
- 6 Sentimental Pad
- 8 Warm Pad

126 Bpm Pads

- 5 Sine Pad
- 9 Upfilter Pad
- 3 Warm Dance Pad
- 4 Wonderful Noise Pad

On the whole, this gives you 19 complete sets of 110 long Pad samples. Size after unpacking is 800 mb [24 Bit Wav]

Are your ready to enter in a world of soothing and brilliant music?