Electro-House Multi Samples

Electro House Multi Samples - SF2 and SXT Samples for Electro House

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- 33 synth multi samples
- Fat Sounds of hardware synths
- Compatible with most virtual samplers
- Sampled 5+ octaves each synth sound
- Size: 962 mb / format
- Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

About Electro-House Multi Samples

With no doubt electro-house samples are very popular nowadays and being created more and more. However, it is hard to get good multi samples, the ones we could create a fully satisfactory and completely arbitrary sequences with. Electro-House Multi Samples is a set of 33 professional multi sampled sounds. They've been designed for flexible creation of any sequence and melody. With them, you can finally fulfill the dream of a dynamic and coarse-sounding synthetic lines that are typical for electro-house. All you need now is your idea for a song!

Traditional wav samples vs. multi samples

None of the traditional wav files can replace carefully prepared multi samples. Why? First of all, using the multi samples, you are free to create your works, you set your melodies and sequences to be played on the instrument. You do not have to fear that the melody will be out of the tune, because our multi sample have a separate wav file for each pitch (for each key) within at least five octaves. So your tunes will sound perfectly in tune.


As mentioned above, all multi samples are ripped key after key, within a minimum of five octaves, which gives a proper, expressive quality, and allows for flexible use of instruments. The same multi sample can act as bass [going low] and create a soprano sequences [going up]. Good wav loop placed in the multi samples provides an excellent opportunity to use some of the instruments as the pads. All you need is to lengthen in your favorite sampler the values of "atttack" and "release" and possibly add a slight "decay". The size of each instrument, is in average 29 mb. This has a fairly strong impact on the quality and accuracy of the samples. The largest file is 58 mb, and the smallest 8 mb.


> SF2 Format (soundfont2) is compatibile with most virtual samplers, for example:

- FL Studio DirectWave
- Kontakt
- Machfive
- HALion
- Logic Pro EXS 24
- Emulator X
- Proteus X
- Independence
- VSampler
- SFZ+

> SXT is a format for Reason NN-XT sampler

> EXS24: Logic Pro EXS24 sampler instruments

Why is it worth having?

The product is especially recommended for software synthesizers users, because no, even the best plug-in, can make such sounds. If you want to have good sounding, fat and warm leads, synths, pads and bass, we invite you to purchase our product.


- 33 synth multi samples
- Fat Sounds of hardware synths
- Compatible with most virtual samplers
- Sampled 5+ octaves each synth sound
- Average 29 MB / 1 multi sample
- Size: 962 mb / format
- Formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

Multi sampled sounds index

Bad Dark Lead 1
Bad Dark Lead 2
Bad Dark Lead 3
Bad Dark Lead 4
Beep 1
Beep 2
Dynamic Bass 1
Dynamic Bass 2
Electro Lead 1
Electro Lead 2
Fast Panning Pad
Fat Bass 1
Fat Bass 2
House Chords
House Dynamic Lead 1
House Dynamic Lead 2
House Dynamic Lead 3
Melody House Lead
Metal Shock 1
Metal Shock 2
Moment Of Peace 1
Moment Of Peace 2
Noise Panning
Pitch Attack 1
Pitch Attack 2
Short Complement 1
Short Complement 2
Square 1
Square 2
Square 3
Uptime Noise Lead
Uptime Pad

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Electro, House

Supported Software

Reason NN-XT

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  • Electro-House Multi Samples SF2 - 894.25MB
  • Electro-House Multi Samples SF2 - 894.25MB
  • Electro-House Multi Samples SXT - 905.73MB
  • Electro-House Multi Samples EXS24 - 908.11MB

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