Sound Effects
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  • -1168ハードサウンドエフェクト
    -サイズ:開梱後1 GB

    価格: £34.00

  • -1000の魅力的で望ましい効果音
    -サイズ:1.2 GB

    価格: £28.00

  • -1000の高品質サウンドエフェクト
    -サイズ:1.3 gb

    価格: £22.00

  • --2329のユニークな効果音
    -サイズ:2,09 GB

    価格: £49.00

  • - 619 "gated" fx sounds
    - 152 loops, drums, synths
    - Usefulness in trance, techno, electronic, experimental music
    - 1,5 GB of uncompressed content
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (24Bit)

    価格: £22.00

  • -パックバンドル-4in 1
    -利用可能なフォーマット:WAV / AIFF

    価格: £78.00

  • -25個のシンセスペース


    価格: £17.00

  • -400の宇宙/アンビエンスサウンド

    価格: £15.00

  • -1000の素晴らしい品質のサウンドエフェクト
    -開梱後のサイズ:1.94 GB
    -フォーマット:24ビット/ 44.1 kHz wav

    価格: £30.00

  • -560の効果音
    -テンポ:128 BPM
    -Rozmiar:2,55 GB

    価格: £21.00

  • -1000のユニークなリバースサウンドエフェクト
    -開梱後のサイズ:1.66 GB
    -フォーマット:24ビット/ 44.1 kHz WAV

    価格: £24.00

  • -602効果音

    価格: £29.90

1 - 12 /16個のアイテムを表示中

Sound Effects  - サンプルパック

Please, feel free to find here premium FX sound packs including professional ones commercial as well as rare, you'll also find underground WAV sound effects. We would like to invite you to check out space SFX Sound Effects, spatial textures, awesome scratches, laser sounds, noise effects and many others. Using Downfilter and Upfilter FX samples and Impacts or Hits you can make professional transitions and achieve greater musical fidelity. Our WAV Sound Effects are for different genres and applications. We hope you'll find out their quality and use them successfully in your Music Productions. All FX Sound Packs are for Direct Download from our website to your hard drive and you can next import Sound Effects into your favorite Software.