SoundFonts SF2
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  • -ハードコアテクノのための2000以上の強力なキック
    -サイズ:開梱後1 GB

    価格: £26.00

  • -25リードシンセマルチサンプル
    -サイズ:886 mb /フォーマット

    価格: £19.00

  • -25のマルチサンプルリードサウンド
    -EDM /テクノジャンルに適しています
    -サイズ:721 MB-1,05 GB /フォーマットによって異なります

    価格: £19.00

  • - 52 bass/ synth multi samples
    - Quality sounds of hardware synths
    - Suitable for techno, trance, hands up, house, electro, hardstyle, EDM etc.
    - Sampled 5+ octaves each synth sound
    - Size: 985 mb / format
    - Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    Everything you need to create professional-sounding bass lines in club music is included in this huge multi-bass package. Multi Bass Waveforms...

    価格: £22.00

  • -40のマルチサンプルシンセ
    -サイズ:782 MB-1,14 GB /フォーマット

    価格: £24.00

  • -25リードシンセマルチサンプル
    -サイズ:697 mb /フォーマット

    価格: £19.00

  • -50個のマルチサンプルハードリード
    -平均24MB / 1SF2サンプル
    -サイズ:1,17 GB-1,76 GB /フォーマット

    価格: £34.95

  • -58の高品質マルチサンプル
    -平均17MB /機器


    価格: £23.90

  • -106のMIDIサンプルを手渡します
    -230のシンセフレーズ(142 BPM)
    -開梱後のサイズ:1.4 GB

    エキサイティングでエネルギーに満ちたダンストーンの新作、Hands Up MelodiesVol。 1 .. ..

    価格: £22.00

  • - Packs bundle - 3 in 1
    - Extra reduced price - 25% OFF!
    - 75 multisamples
    - Size: 2,24GB - 2,60GB depending on format
    - Available SF2 samples (soundfonts)
    - Available SXT samples (Reason)
    - Available EXS samples (Logic)

    価格: £40.00

  • - 32 synth multi samples
    - Warm sounds of hardware synths
    - Suitable for house, trance, chillout, electronic
    - Compatible with most virtual samplers
    - Size: 800 MB / format
    - Available Formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    Deeper Instruments Vol.1 is a set of multisamples that you won't find anywhere else. Warm, deep, clear and sophisticated sounds designed with passion and care for detail...

    価格: £17.00

  • -パックバンドル-5in 1

    価格: £75.00

1 - 12 /15個のアイテムを表示中

SoundFonts SF2  - サンプルパック

SoundFont is most popular format, if we talking about full octave multisampling play availability. You can import SF2 files (soundfonts) to: NI Kontakt, Motu MachFive, Steinberg HALion, Apple EXS24 (Logic Pro), Maz Sound Tools VSampler, Image-Line DirectWave (Fl Studio), Cakewalk Sonar, Yellow Tools Independence, RGC:audio SFZ+ and more...Why SF2 audio format is so vastly acceptable by almost all payware and freeware Sample Players? The idea of using SF2 with success in music production is multisampled mapping of SF2, as we mentioned above. That means if You like some patch of particular synth, then you can easily get this patch in this format. Best well known hardware synths and the best sounding patches, can be found in soundware packs in this category. As always You can find SF2 files packs for lot of various music styles here. From Electro House, Ambient, Chillout, Trance, Hands Up even to strictly Hardcore sounds. Some sets are specially done to give for example bass or leads sounds, dedicated not only for one but for various music genres. Becouse SF2 have multisample availabilities this section contains generally: Leads, Basses, Fxes, Pads, Stabs, Plucks, Classical Synths sounds. In summary we can say that if you are looking for best sampled great synth sounds, this section is dedicated for You. You do not need fancy Rom players, check out huge database of Our sample instruments and start making tracks that You always wanted to do.