Hardcore Samples Invasion

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- 2006 most powerful samples for hardcore techno
- Very hard and noise sound
- Drums, kicks, loops, effects, synths, pads, textures
- Size: 1 GB
- Available formats: WAV, AIFF


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  • About Hardcore Samples Invasion

    THIS IS A SET OF 2006 MOST POWERFUL HARDCORE & HARDSTYLE SAMPLES ! This is really Large Hardcore Sample Pack! Thanks to them you can build wholly professional, crushing and horrifying tunes. The pack features a vast array of sounds, from hardcore kicks, hi-hats, crash, snare drums, claps through synthetic lines, hardcore sequences up to dark and grim pads and sound effects. It is a sample set that is never passed by unnoticed. If you are thinking about empowering your music with hardcore tunes, read on.

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    With 'Hardcore Samples Invasion' you are able to create whole pieces of music. For a good start, you have a nice selection of kick samples, in hardcore style of course, in the number of 250. Ones are a bit traditional – distorted, others are filtered, and still others are totally devastating, a genuine music slaughter-house. Everything is in its right place for you to fit the samples conveniently to your needs. Further we have quite a number of the remaining percussion: 116 claps, 212 cymbals, 86 snares. But this is only the beginning. For sure you will enjoy the fact that the major part of this sample-pack are synthetic lines. In Hardcore Samples Invasion you'll find 280 sharp, devastating and horrid hardcore sequences, and 860 more melodic loops. Another advantage is that you get the dry as well as the wet version. Therefore you can as good as use the ready-made solution or add your own, favourite effects. We also added some 72 interestingly sounding techno synths samples. They enable you to create your own sequences. So, it does not matter if you search for ready-made patterns or you want to follow your creativity, for sure you will find something for you in this pack. The main part is complemented nicely by dark pads, some horror soundtrack-like backgrounds and best quality sound effects(in hardcore style).


    Hardcore Samples Invasion is a sharp-edged, devastating and horrifying slaughter nicely combined with melodic synthetic lines and mysterious textures. Recommended for hardcore, grabber and heavier hardstyle tunes. If you really are in need for extreme experience, we encourage you to purchase this sample pack.


    • 2006 most powerful samples for hardstyle, hardcore, gabber music
    • Possible building whole tunes from scratch only on the basis of this sample pack
    • Wide range of samples: drums, sounds, fx, synths, loops, pads, textures
    • Very powerful, heavily distorted and devastating sound
    • Size: 1 GB after unpacking
    • Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

    Hardcore Samples Invasion Content:

    • Bassdrums [250 samples]
      53 Bounce Kicks, 98 Distorted Kicks, 22 Extreme Kicks, 41 Filtered Kicks, 36 Hard Kicks
    • Claps [116 samples]
      74 Claps Long, 42 Clubby Short
    • Cymbals [212 samples]
      46 Closed Hi-hat, 20 Crash, 92 Open Hi-hat, 54 Rides
    • Hardcore Loops [280 samples]
      72 Hardcore Loops 142 BPM, 152 Hardcore Loops 142 BPM Wet, 56 Hardcore Loops 144 BPM
    • Synth Loops [322 samples]
      68 Hardcore Leads 142 BPM, 18 Hardcore Leads 144 BPM , 56 Hardcore Sequences 142 BPM, 45 Hardstyle Leads 142 BPM, 135 Hardstyle Sequences 142 BPM
    • Synth Loops Wet [538 samples]
      148 Hardcore Leads Wet 142 BPM, 108 Hardcore Sequences Wet 142 BPM, 64 Hardstyle Leads Wet 142 BPM , 218 Hardstyle Sequences Wet 142 BPM

    • 17 Dark Pads
    • 13 Dark Textures
    • 100 Fx Sounds
    • 86 Snares
    • 72 Techno Synths


    Hardcore Voices Invasion

    Hardcore Kicks Invasion


  • - 52 bass/ synth multi samples
    - Quality sounds of hardware synths
    - Suitable for techno, trance, hands up, house, electro, hardstyle, EDM etc.
    - Sampled 5+ octaves each synth sound
    - Size: 985 mb / format
    - Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    Everything you need to create professional-sounding bass lines in club music is included in this huge multi-bass package. Multi Bass Waveforms...

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  • - 889 Power Techno/ Club Loops
    - Usefulness in Techno, Hands up, Dance, Hardstyle
    - Many variations of some loops
    - Dry / wet versions
    - Size: 670 mb
    - WAV Format

  • - 33 synth multi samples
    - Fat Sounds of hardware synths
    - Compatible with most virtual samplers
    - Sampled 5+ octaves each synth sound
    - Size: 962 mb / format
    - Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    With no doubt electro-house samples are very popular nowadays and being created more and more. However, it is hard to get good multi samples ...

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  • - 50 Multi Sampled Hard Leads
    - Quality Sounds of Hardware
    - Cool for Hard Dance Genres
    - Avarage 24 MB / 1 SF2 sample
    - Every third key is sampled
    - Size: 1,17 GB - 1,76 GB / format
    - Available formats: SF2, SXT


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