Drum Samples
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  • - 543 Bass drums
    - 496 Claps
    - 626 Construction Loops
    - 784 Cymbals
    - 181 Drum Loops
    - 177 Snares
    - 81 Specials
    - WAV Format

    Finally, after a long struggle, was one of the best collections of Club Drums. We could dwell for hours about the merits of this product, but no words will replace the demo, which you can...

    価格: £49.50

  • -549EDMキック

    EDMドラムコンストラクションコレクション– Kicksには、EDM(Electronic Dance Music)として知られる音楽のプロデューサー向けに特別に設計された549のサンプルが含まれています。

    価格: £14.95

  • -ハードコアテクノのための2000以上の強力なキック
    -サイズ:開梱後1 GB

    価格: £26.00

  • -10のインストルメンタルビート


    価格: £15.00

  • -ドラムヒット


    価格: £12.00

  • -92クラブハウスキック
    -46 Wav&Rex2ループ


    価格: £5.00

  • -526ループとサンプル

    価格: £24.95

  • - 1333 Industrial Techno Samples
    - Rare and Original Sounds
    - Wide range of quality samples
    - Size: 2 GB
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (24Bit)

    価格: £26.00

  • -400ドラムループ

    価格: £20.00

  • -63ドラムヒット
    -14 FX、ビット&スタブ


    価格: £14.95

  • -238ベースサウンド
    --35 Beatz
    --36 Soundz

    GODLimited:Speed Garage Toolsは、Nice n Ripe RecordsのSpeedGarage&UK Garage&Funky Basslines Legend GODLimitedによって作成された新しいサンプルパックです...

    価格: £19.95

  • -200キック

    価格: £19.95

1 - 12 /25個のアイテムを表示中

Drum Samples  - サンプルパック

Are you ready to make huge beats and tracks which are going to be played and used everywhere around the world. If so, then take your time and select through amazing collection of drum samples which can be handy in process of making your career as a DJ.
Check out our intense drum samples used by professional DJ's and producers in many commercial and underground music productions. Now you can have sample packs including thousands of percussion and drum sounds, thanks to them you'll have the chance to come into the world of music production. The selection of samples if very impressive, which gives you many opportunities to outwit and outsmart other DJ's forcing their way at the top. More tools means more work, since that's the case, you will have full schedule reserved only for producing mind blowing tracks and beats which is what every producer and DJ wants the most.