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  • - 543 Bass drums
    - 496 Claps
    - 626 Construction Loops
    - 784 Cymbals
    - 181 Drum Loops
    - 177 Snares
    - 81 Specials
    - WAV Format

    Finally, after a long struggle, was one of the best collections of Club Drums. We could dwell for hours about the merits of this product, but no words will replace the demo, which you can...

    価格: £49.50

  • -最小限の2235サンプル
    -サイズ:883 MB

    価格: £29.00

  • -4354シンセドラム
    -サイズ:450 MB

    価格: £11.00

  • -400ドラムループ

    価格: £20.00

  • -クラブバンギングループとサンプル
    -ループのテンポ:126-128 BPM
    -フォーマット:24ビットWav、Apple Loops、Rex2

    価格: £19.95

  • -100ドラムループ
    -テンポ:126 BPM
    -フォーマット:24ビットWav、Rex2、Apple Loops

    DIRTY HOUSE CLUB DRUMSは、まさに缶に書かれていることです。あらゆるタイプのEDMスタイルに対応する100のクラブバンギングダーティハウスグルーブ...

    価格: £17.95

  • -73シンセループマルチ/ 949サンプル
    -128 Wav&Rex2ドラムループ

    価格: £19.00

  • -1008すべてのサンプル

    価格: £29.00

  • -パックバンドル-3in 1

    価格: £62.00

  • - Legendary Yamaha DX7 Samples
    - 72 Multi-Sampled Sounds
    - Analog Basses, Pads, Leads, Synths
    - Size after unpacking: 3,6 GB
    - Multiformat: GIGA (multis), WAV, NKI, FXP

    Hormonic is proud to present to you a comprehensive sample collection of classic standalone vintage synths. This sample library features 3.6 Gb of unique sounds ready to use with your...

    価格: £16.00

  • -757テクノサンプル
    -テンポ:125-126-128 BPM
    -フォーマット:WAV 24bit-44.1kHz

    価格: £27.50

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Minimal  - サンプルパック

Do you want to produce new Minimal Tracks comfortably? Choose from our finest products and download the original Minimal Techno Sample Packs. Create a new, fresh Minimal Productions and Deep Tech / House with our Minimal Sounds and ready-made Minimal Loops. If you are a minimal artist and your trying to figure out something special and new check out this category you will find something that suit your needs without any difficulty.