Multi Samples
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  • -25リードシンセマルチサンプル
    -サイズ:697 mb /フォーマット

    価格: £19.00

  • -25リードシンセマルチサンプル
    -サイズ:886 mb /フォーマット

    価格: £19.00

  • - 32 synth multi samples
    - Warm sounds of hardware synths
    - Suitable for house, trance, chillout, electronic
    - Compatible with most virtual samplers
    - Size: 800 MB / format
    - Available Formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    Deeper Instruments Vol.1 is a set of multisamples that you won't find anywhere else. Warm, deep, clear and sophisticated sounds designed with passion and care for detail...

    価格: £17.00

  • - Legendary Yamaha DX7 Samples
    - 72 Multi-Sampled Sounds
    - Analog Basses, Pads, Leads, Synths
    - Size after unpacking: 3,6 GB
    - Multiformat: GIGA (multis), WAV, NKI, FXP

    Hormonic is proud to present to you a comprehensive sample collection of classic standalone vintage synths. This sample library features 3.6 Gb of unique sounds ready to use with your...

    価格: £16.00

  • -50個のマルチサンプルハードリード
    -平均24MB / 1SF2サンプル
    -サイズ:1,17 GB-1,76 GB /フォーマット

    価格: £34.95

  • -150のマルチサンプル
    -Nord Lead3のサウンド
    -サイズ:1,14 GB-1,72 GB /フォーマット

    価格: £32.00

  • -25のマルチサンプルリードサウンド
    -EDM /テクノジャンルに適しています
    -サイズ:721 MB-1,05 GB /フォーマットによって異なります

    価格: £19.00

  • -パックバンドル-5in 1

    価格: £75.00

  • -ハードコアテクノのための2000以上の強力なキック
    -サイズ:開梱後1 GB

    価格: £26.00

  • -26のサウンドフォントサンプル

    価格: £18.00

  • -40のマルチサンプルシンセ
    -サイズ:782 MB-1,14 GB /フォーマット

    価格: £24.00

  • - Packs bundle - 3 in 1
    - Extra reduced price - 25% OFF!
    - 75 multisamples
    - Size: 2,24GB - 2,60GB depending on format
    - Available SF2 samples (soundfonts)
    - Available SXT samples (Reason)
    - Available EXS samples (Logic)

    価格: £40.00

1 - 12 /15個のアイテムを表示中

In this category we listed sampled instruments in a form of multisamples. The difference in the quality makes your music sound more professionally, deeper and warmer, and your mix is a lot better. If you cannot currently afford to buy expensive equipment and want to take advantage of high quality multisamples, then this is your chance. Furthermore the time you will save is quite a big factor here, in mare minutes you can become the owner of high-quality fine sounding instrument which will make your heart race in heat of the moment.
Multisamples are playing more and more important role in DJ communities just check out and ask your fellow DJ's we are sure they already got themselves a hefty batch of multisamples and they are already working on new fresh music. Do not fall behind and check out our selection right now.