Acapella / Vocals
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  • - 944 the Funnest Cut Vocal Loops!
    - 180 one shots (added bonus 2017)
    - Tempo: 142 BPM
    - Dry & wet versions
    - Some loops in Different variations
    - Size after unpacking: 485 mb
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

    We are ready to present new fantastic pack. CutVocals Party contains over 900 top-clubby vocal loops for using in your tracks! Each of the loops are perfect in every detail, so as...

    価格: £35.00

  • -Kivadroによる160のラガボーカル
    -24ビット/44.1 KHZ WAV

    価格: £14.00

  • -42エレクトロループ
    --05 SFX
    -フォーマット:24ビットWav / 44.1 kHZ

    Lucid Samplesは、Azuli Records / Stealth Recordings UK / Atlantic Jaxx / Love HouseRecordsの伝説的なハウスプロデューサーであるJeremySylvesterによって作成されたDirtyElectroEssentialsを紹介しています...

    価格: £14.95

  • -221ボーカル
    -24ビット/44.1 kHzWavフォーマット

    価格: £19.95

  • -512グリッチボーカルスニペット
    --81 Voice Loops Wav(127 BPM)
    --81 Voice Loops Rex2(127 BPM)

    Hanky PankySamplesのGlitchVocal Mash Upsは、数百のボーカルスニペットを切り刻んで、ソフトウェアDAWにロードする準備ができています。パックは、最先端の音楽用に設計されたさまざまなボーカル編集に対応しています...

    価格: £16.95

  • -10の曲がった回路
    -18 SpeaknSpoil


    価格: £10.95

  • -42のKモーションボーカル

    価格: £16.95

  • -800のユニークなハードコアボーカルサンプル

    価格: £22.00

  • -100%ヒューマンビートボックス
    -フォーマット:24ビットWAV、NI Kontakt、バッテリー

    価格: £15.00

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Acapella / Vocals  - サンプルパック

Acapella Vocals are used in all kind of music genres from dance and house to hardstyle and liquid drum and bass. Our acapella sample packs are great when you are up to engage in for new forms of creativity in tracks. What you want to accomplish: adding great amount of depth to your music productions, finding new ideas for your tracks and DJ mixes, getting those drops fuller so people on the dance floor will feel instant heat. Making your own vocals can be difficult, it requires great voice, sense of progression in tracks and good timing. That's why we are coming to you will great quality acapella vocal cuts and mix tools which will make your productions top notch. Pulling them off with a little bit of cheekiness will completely change the way you look at your previous work and the newly founded ideas. Whether you hear them in the club or in your favorite podcast, acapella vocals always make you think 'oh my that sounds great!' and yes, many other producers think that way: good vocals compliment great sounds. That is way you should definitely hear out our Free Vocal Samples to experiment if those suit your needs, every pack has it's demo so you can go through them as well to find out how good and quality Lucid Samples really are. Download unique, one of a kind vocal acapella sample packs, you cannot get them anywhere else and you won't be disappointed.