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  • -117ドラムループ
    -ループのテンポ:125-127 BPM

    ハンカチのパンキーサンプルからDarkn Nastyを入手してください。最大で、ダークで厄介でセクシーなエレクトロスタイルのドラム、メロディックループ、wavおよびrex2形式で利用可能なワンショットが特徴です...

    価格: £19.95

  • -100%ヒューマンビートボックス
    -フォーマット:24ビットWAV、NI Kontakt、バッテリー

    価格: £15.00

  • - Legendary Yamaha DX7 Samples
    - 72 Multi-Sampled Sounds
    - Analog Basses, Pads, Leads, Synths
    - Size after unpacking: 3,6 GB
    - Multiformat: GIGA (multis), WAV, NKI, FXP

    Hormonic is proud to present to you a comprehensive sample collection of classic standalone vintage synths. This sample library features 3.6 Gb of unique sounds ready to use with your...

    価格: £16.00

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Kontakt  - サンプルパック

Native Instruments Kontakt is the most popular and one of the best samplers in software audio world. It gives great possibilities of creating the sampled instruments with tons of great effects and other things, which we usually see only inside synths. In our products library, You can choose those containing native Kontakt format (Nki), and download Kontakt Instruments directly to your hard drive. If you are using Kontakt, do not hesitate and check out what can you achieve, picking up our professional samples. Fresh and unique sounds specially created for latest music trends like electro house, tech house and also classic hardware synths samples can be used by You without any problems right now in this fantastic sampler. To make even more details, what can give you using our libraries in Kontakt, we need to add that shape of every sound sample can be changed drastically, because of so huge editing possibilities. That gives You point of creation process, using our samples in almost endless way.