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Top Club Drums 2022 Edition

Top Club Drums 2022 Edition

- 543 Bass drums
- 496 Claps
- 626 Construction Loops
- 784 Cymbals
- 181 Drum Loops
- 177 Snares
- 81 Specials
- WAV Format

Finally, after a long struggle, was one of the best collections of Club Drums. We could dwell for hours about the merits of this product, but no words will replace the demo, which you can...

Percussion XXL Pack

Percussion XXL Pack

-サイズ:開梱後1,03 Gb

Classic Hip-Hop Drum Beats

Classic Hip-Hop Drum Beats

-テンポ:79-100 BPM

Funktronic Loops

Funktronic Loops

- 1171 various Drum Loops
- Groove/ Funky/ Hip Hop/ Techno/ Electronic
- Tempo: 73-150 BPM
- Size: 1,2 GB after unpacking
- Wav format
- Producer: Frose

If you're looking for interesting drum loops at a reasonable price, you have found it. Funktronic Loops is a set of 1171 drum loops in electronic, groove, funky, new age, or techno style...

Deeper Instruments Vol. 1

Deeper Instruments Vol. 1

- 32 synth multi samples
- Warm sounds of hardware synths
- Suitable for house, trance, chillout, electronic
- Compatible with most virtual samplers
- Size: 800 MB / format
- Available Formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

Deeper Instruments Vol.1 is a set of multisamples that you won't find anywhere else. Warm, deep, clear and sophisticated sounds designed with passion and care for detail...

Wonderful Pads

Wonderful Pads

- 110 long Pad Samples segregated into 19 sets
- Great, deep, warm and nice sound
- Size after unpacking: 800 mb
- Format: 24-Bit Wav

Wonderful Pads are the samples that lots of music producers have dreamed about, but only until now! We offer you 19 complete sets of Pads that will help you create 19 unique pieces of music...

Time Machine Vol.1

Time Machine Vol.1

- Legendary Yamaha DX7 Samples
- 72 Multi-Sampled Sounds
- Analog Basses, Pads, Leads, Synths
- Size after unpacking: 3,6 GB
- Multiformat: GIGA (multis), WAV, NKI, FXP

Hormonic is proud to present to you a comprehensive sample collection of classic standalone vintage synths. This sample library features 3.6 Gb of unique sounds ready to use with your...

Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1

Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1

- 128 acoustic guitar licks
- 56 midi files
- Pop/ rock/ ballad vibes
- Size after unpacking: 734 mb
- Format: 24-Bit Wav

'Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1' is a collection of 127 ready to use guitar licks which have pop/rock/ballad vibes. Guitars sound pleasant to the ear and they automatically get the listener...

Funky Chill House

Funky Chill House

-10個のインストルメンタルキット/ 142個のサンプル


Minimal Heaven Vol. 2

Minimal Heaven Vol. 2


Magical Vibes Melodies

Magical Vibes Melodies

--43 Midi Chords Lines
-テンポ:102-120 BPM
-サイズ:484 MB
-フォーマット:24ビット/ 96kHz Wav

Bass Guitar Loops

Bass Guitar Loops

-テンポ:78-120 BPM
-フォーマット:24ビット/ 96kHz Wav


Chillout - サンプルパック