Bitwig Sample Packs

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Cut-Vocals Party 2021 Edition

Cut-Vocals Party 2021 Edition

- 944 the Funnest Cut Vocal Loops!
- 180 one shots (added bonus 2017)
- Tempo: 142 BPM
- Dry & wet versions
- Some loops in Different variations
- Size after unpacking: 485 mb
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

    Top Club Drums 2024 Edition

    Top Club Drums 2024 Edition

    - 5000+ sanpuru
    - 3500+ no doramusanpuru
    - Yaku 1500 no doramurupu
    - Rupu BPM: 125-140
    - Muryo appudeto
    - Saizu: 1, 94 GB (kaito-go)
    - Wav matawa Aiff keishiki
    16-bitto - 24-bitto/ 44. 1 KHz

    WAV AIFF 24-bit
      Funktronic Loops

      Funktronic Loops

      - 1171 various Drum Loops
      - Groove/ Funky/ Hip Hop/ Techno/ Electronic
      - Tempo: 73-150 BPM
      - Size: 1,2 GB after unpacking
      - Wav format
      - Producer: Frose

        Ultra Kicks Vol.1

        Ultra Kicks Vol.1


        WAV AIFF
          Wonderful Pads

          Wonderful Pads

          - 110 long Pad Samples segregated into 19 sets
          - Great, deep, warm and nice sound
          - Size after unpacking: 800 mb
          - Format: 24-Bit Wav

          Wonderful Pads are the samples that lots of music producers have dreamed about, but only until now! We offer you 19 complete sets of Pads that will help you create 19 unique pieces of music...

          WAV 24-bit
            Essential Clubkits Vol. 1

            Essential Clubkits Vol. 1


            WAV 24BIT AIFF MIDI
              Frose Instrumental Beats...

              Frose Instrumental Beats Vol. 1


              WAV GIG
                Bitwig samples

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