Evening traffic in the big city (8:07)

- Evening traffic sounds (8:07)
- HD surround technology!
- 24bit / 96 kHz wav file
- Stereo and surround formats
- Sounds of evening street traffic,
trams, bike, brakes, city ambient

Bus station in the day-time and average traffic intensity. Recording contains sounds of buses passing from different distances (closer and more distant) as well as just the background sounds of...

Evening Traffic Sound Effect, Stereo and Surround Wav File

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The recording contains evening street traffic recorded from medium distance from the streets. Some part of the recording contains the background of the street traffic and the other part contains sounds of trams and bikes passing closely. The microphone was located in a square between the tram tracks and bicycle path. We can hear the hiss of the vehicles coming from the streets sourounding the square.

Details and specific sounds

00:28-00:41 - bike passing #1
01:08-01:29 - the arrival of a tram
02:22-02:26 - interesting sound in the background
02:48-03:00 - bike passing #2
02:58-03:43 - trams
06:32-07:00 - the noise of vehicles, hissing, brakes
08:00-08:07 - bike passing closely


Total time: 8:07

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