Trains (2:38)

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Short summary
- Trains sons (2:38)
- La technologie Surround HD!
- 24 bit / 96 kHz WAV
- Formats stéréo et surround
- Sons de train, grincement de frein,
Frein d'un train, un bourdonnement

Les trains qui approchent, les freins crissent, hum, escale et départ. L'enregistrement a été fait sur la petite gare...

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    Trains approaching, brakes screeching, hum, stopover and departure. The recording was made on the small railway station.



    00:00-00:20 - first train is approaching, brake screech
    00:20-00:33 - stopover, hum of vehicle
    00:33-01:00 - departure of the train
    01:02-01:40 - second train approaching in a distance
    01:35-01:40 - brake screech
    02:05-02:38 - departure of the second train


    Total time: 2:38

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