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  • - Packs Bundle - 3 in 1
    - Extra reduced price - 35% OFF!
    - Size: 2,65 GB unzipped content
    - Formats: Wav, Apple loops, Rex2, Midi

    Price: £48.00

  • - 21 Bass riffs
    - 35 Chord Riffs
    - 62 Drum Loops
    - 62 Acidized Drum loops
    - 28 MIDI samples
    - Size: 1,45 GB unzipped
    - Formats: 24-Bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2

    Price: £22.95

  • - 5 Construction Kits
    - Drums, synths, instruments, voxes
    - Midi samples
    - Size: 1,45 GB unzipped
    - Formats: 24-Bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2, Midi

    Price: £24.96

  • - 15 Drum Loop Kits
    - 15 Keys Construction
    - 94 Drums Hits
    - 92 One shots
    - Tempo: 128 BPM, 130 BPM bonus loops
    - Formats: 24-Bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2

    Price: £24.96

  • - 3 different moods/feels
    - Miami Hooks 126 BPM
    - On The Floor Sax Hooks 129 BPM
    - Soho Sax Hooks 126 BPM
    - Keys & BPM’s for tracks
    - 24 bit WAV, Apple Loops & Rex2 format

    Man V Loops has announced the release of Andy Sax House Hooks, a selection of sax hooks and riffs designed specifically for the house producer in mind...

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    Price: £14.00

Showing 13 - 17 of 17 items
Category description
Nowadays genres like house are being exploited to create more and more diverse music in many terms, that very good in our opinion because new music is being made by young producers who started their career not too long ago. Since most house producers at least the experienced ones know the scene better when it comes how classic house looked in the nineteens. This category will be a small history lesson for those who want to listen to and enjoy classic house tunes and feel the overwhelming nostalgia flowing around. It's time to reminiscent the classic house scene from NY, France and other places which made house the way it's presented now in media. We are sure that when you listen to these mixtools, you will feel like playing a whole night rave in the past. If you are into high quality music production tools and classic house then this category will not disappoint you.
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