Dubstep Multis

- 26 soundfont samples
- 26 sxt patches
- Wav samples of all multis
- 67 bonus dubstep basses
- Designed for Dubstep, EDM
- 959 MB content (unzipped)
- Formats: SF2, SXT, WAV

Dubstep Multis - 26 Dubstep Hard Bass Soundfonts or SXT Patches

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Dubstep Multis is the original idea of Lucid Samples to release exclusive multi-samples unavailable nowhere else! The sounds in this collection have been designed especially for Dubstep music, but they can be effectively used to make other modern electronic music projects. All the sounds have been designed at external synthesizer and recorded in high quality. Each multi sample consists average of 23 WAV samples laid mainly in the bass frequencies. Dubstep Multis is a great tool for building a really hard tracks.

The SF2*/SXT** samples need a dedicated sampler/software and can be used the same way as synthesizer plugins (VST) in your favorite DAW software.

* To use SF2 (soundfont2) samples you can use:

- FL Studio DirectWave
- Logic Pro EXS 24
- Kontakt
- MachFive
- HALion
- Emulator X
- Proteus X
- Independence
- VSampler
- SFZ+

** To use SXT samples you can use Reason NN-XT


- 26 soundfont samples
- 26 sxt patches
- Avarage 23 wav samples per 1 multi sample
- Wav samples of all multis
- 67 bonus dubstep 'one shot' basses (wavs)
- 959 MB content
- Available formats: SF2, SXT, WAV

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Supported Software

Reason NN-XT

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