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Short summary

- 25 multi sampled lead sounds
- Quality sounds of hardware
- Suitable for dance/ techno genres
- All sounds in 5+ octaves are available
- Every third key is sampled
- Size: 721 MB - 1,05 GB / depending on format
- Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

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  • Ultra Dance Leads Vol. 3 is the next collection of 25 great lead synths from Lucidsamples. All these sounds have been carefully recorded and sampled in high quality from hardware synthesizers. These multisampled sounds will become a great tool for all modern or commerecial Dance and Techno music producers.

    More information about the Ultra Dance Leads can be found here:

    Ultra Dance Leads Vol 1
    Ultra Dance Leads Vol 2


    As it was in previous volumes, you can choose to buy SF2, SXT or EXS format. The Volume 3 samples are recorded in higher quality and after rendering formats SF2 i EXS are in 16bit/96 kHz and samples SXT are in 24bit/96kHz.

    SF2 Format (soundfont2) is compatibile with most virtual samplers, for example:

    - FL Studio DirectWave
    - Kontakt
    - Machfive
    - HALion
    - Logic Pro EXS 24
    - Emulator X
    - Proteus X
    - Independence
    - VSampler
    - SFZ+

    SXT is a format for Reason NN-XT sampler

    EXS24 is a format for Logic Pro EXS24 sampler


    - 25 multi sampled lead sounds
    - Quality sounds of hardware synthesizers
    - Suitable for dance/ techno music genres
    - Compatible with most virtual samplers
    - Average 29 MB / 1 multi sample
    - Sampled 5+ octaves each sound
    - Sampled every third key/ note
    - Size: 721 MB - 1,05 GB / format
    - Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    Multi sampled sounds index

    Big Saw Lead
    Dance Wave 1
    Dance Wave 2
    EDM-Hardstyle Lead
    Fantasy Voice Lead 1
    Fantasy Voice Lead 2
    Fantasy Voice Lead 3
    Hard Happy Lead
    Multiwave Lead
    Noise Lead 1
    Noise Lead 2
    Noise Lead 3
    Noise Lead 4
    Octave Lead 1
    Octave Lead 1 Detune
    Octave Lead 2
    Octave Lead 1 Detune
    Saw Organs 1
    Saw Organs 2
    Simple Drive 1
    Simple Drive 2
    Ultra Saw Lead 1
    Ultra Saw Lead 2
    Ultra Square Lead 1
    Ultra Square Lead 2

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