Hardsphere Synths

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Short summary

- 40 multi sampled synths
- Strong, monstrous and atmospheric character
- Suitable for massive musical styles
- Size: 782 MB - 1,14 GB / format
- Available formats: SF2, SXT

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  • Monster Synths

    Hardsphere Synths is absolutely stunning and unavaliable nowhere else collection of multisamples with strong, monstrous and atmospheric character. Even we are surprised what our synthesizers are capable of if we make some more advanced regulations. Sounds like these are unique and unavailable nowhere. Hardsphere Synths sample pack is divided into two sections, 40 multi samples in total: 20 called "Hardsphere Synths" and another 20 called "Hardsphere Unison". The Hardsphere Synths is for people ready for adrenaline rush in techno hardcore, techno industrial, dark drum and bass and other massive musical styles.

    Available Formats:

    • Soundfonts (SF2 samples) in 16-bit/96kHz
    • SXT samples for Reason NN-XT in 24-bit/96kHz

    Compatible of SoundFonts: FL Studio DirectWave, Logic Pro EXS 24, Kontakt, Studio One Presence, HALion, Emulator X, Proteus X, Machfive, Independence, VSampler, SFZ+


    • 40 multi sampled synths
    • Strong, monstrous and atmospheric character
    • Suitable for techno industrial, techno hardcore, dark techno etc.
    • Size: 782 MB SF2 format / 1,14 GB SXT format
    • Available formats: SF2, SXT

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