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Short summary
- 25 synth spaces
- 25 drum loop kits
- Classic, vintage, analog character
- Suitable for electronic/ experimental, ambient, industrial music
- Size: 2,63 GB unzipped content
- Format: WAV

Here it is – the quintessence of classical, synthesized sound spaces with diverse ambiences brought by our befriended producer – Frose...

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  • About Frose Synth Spaces Vol. 1

    Here it is – the quintessence of classical, synthesized sound spaces with diverse ambiences brought by our befriended producer – Frose. This collection delivers large volume of experimental, modulated sounds and melodic soundscapes saturated with analogue instruments. Each recording has two versions - normal and with mixed drum track. The particular layers of drum tracks as kicks, claps, snares, hihats, shakers and others are at your disposal. This is why 'Frose Synth Spaces' can be used very widely – from film music in it's classical form to the electric, experimental, ambient and industrial one. It depends what is needed in certain situation. You can use only synth samples or just drum tracks or/and mix them together and creating something new.

    Total duration of 25 recordings is 31:13 min.

    25 Frose Synth Spaces:

    01 - Silent Ambience Space
    02 - Calm Space
    03 - Calm Space 2
    04 - Weird Space
    05 - Cosmic Space
    06 - Enigmatic Space
    07 - Analog Synths Space
    08 - Another World Space
    09 - Furious Space
    10 - Experimental Space
    11 - Spicy Space
    12 - Mystic Space
    13 - Horror Space
    14 - Noisy Ambience Space
    15 - Synth Attack Space
    16 - Black Planet Space
    17 - Classic Synths Space
    18 - Science Fiction Space
    19 - Bass Variation Space
    20 - Weird Space 2
    21 - Analog Synths Space 2
    22 - Chilled Space
    23 - Vague Space
    24 - Analog Synths Space 3
    25 - Analog Synths Space 4

    + 25 additional drum loop kits
    + 25 synth spaces drums mix

    In total: 178 audio samples
    Size: 2,63 GB unzipped content
    Format: Wav

    Au total: 485 files
    Taille: 862 mb contenu décompressé
    Formats: Wav, Midi

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