Dark FX Collection

Dark FX Collection - 601 Dark, Spacious, Mysterious Wav Sound Effects

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- 601 Sound Effects
- Dark, Spacious, Mysterious Sound
- Ambient, Atmos, Down/Up, Hit FXs
- Noise, Stretching, Sweep FXs
- 1,54 GB Unzipped Content
- 24bit-44.1kHz Wav Format

About Dark FX Collection

From among our many sound effects collections, the 'Dark FX Collection' stands out with its darker and generally spacious atmosphere. This is great for those looking to build a mysterious, somewhat abstract atmosphere into their music. All samples have been recorded in high quality and carefully crafted to be as ready and easy to use as possible. Various kinds of sounds like; ambient, atmospheres, dark fx, down/ up fx, hit fx, noise fx, stretching fx, sweep fx will fulfill their purpose in darker and spacey electronic music genres, sometimes also in some commercial applications. The total content of Dark Fx Collection is 601 samples in 24bit-44.1kHz Wav format, which amounts to over 1.5 GB of professional effects.

Content of Dark FX Collection:

34 Ambient FX
90 Atmos FX
154 Dark FX
31 Down FX
54 Hit FX
112 Noise FX
62 Stretching FX
38 Sweep FX
26 Up FX

In total: 601 sounds
Size: 1,54 GB
Format: 24bit-44.1kHz Wav