Complete Hands Up Vol. 1

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- 10 hands up construction kits
- 40 midi samples + FL projects
- 106 fx sounds
- Size after unpacking: 1,15 GB
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)

Complete Hands Up Vol. 1 contains 10 extensive construction kits with characteristic for Hands Up music energetic melodies and also synthesized, dance tones...

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  • Introduction

    Complete Hands Up Vol. 1 contains 10 extensive construction kits with characteristic for Hands Up music energetic melodies and also synthesized, dance tones. Each of the 10 arrangements is broadly expanded and divided into main synth leads, subsidiary synths (overlays), basses, pads, drums and other instruments. All the construction kits contain overall 442 samples – on average 44 tracks on one arrangement! This vast number of samples gives enormous possibilities in merging particular tracks and creating unique variations. Midi files with multitrack recordings of all melodic lines are invaluable asset and support. Thanks to them it’s possible to make changes in every melody or to use sounds from external synthesizers VST/ hardware. To complement the set we added over 100 useful sound effects for building smooth transitions between individual parts of a composition. To sum up: Complete Hands Up Vol. 1 is one huge set of samples to create complete music tracks with characteristic for hands up sound.


    Each construction kit has its own specified 3 sections of samples which correspond to three characteristic parts of a piece: "Slow Melody", "Break Melody" and "Main Melody". Every one of them cumulates in oneself samples which are specific for certain part of the arrangement.

    'Slow Melody' section – gives slowdown between energetic parts of a composition and it’s also perfect for an intro. It builds up calm and emotional ambience in the track. This section is composed of piano tracks, synths, bells, pads, bass pads, choirs, strings and others.

    'Break Melody' section – is a perfect connector between ‘slow melody’ and ‘main melody’. It breaks every track from slow and emotional atmosphere and leads it to energetic chorus. In this section's tracks we used synthesizer sounds dedicated to Hands Up music, deep and swaying basses, synth leads, subsidiary synths (overlays), pads and also kicks and snare rolls.

    'Main Melody' section – the culmination part of each of the 10 arrangements (chorus). The same sounds as of the ‘Break Melody’ section are used here but now in a complete melody lines (not broken). Additionally the drums also appears divided into such tracks like: kicks, snares/claps, hi-hats, loops + mix drums in one track.

    Multitrack Midi Samples

    Each of the 10 arrangements is recorded in 4 multi-track midi files: Slow Melody, Break Melody, Main Melody and Full Track. The recording of all of the tracks in midi formats makes it possible to modify every melody in any way you like. It also enables unlimited use of other sounds from your favorite synthesizer VST/ hardware.

    The content of Complete Hands Up Vol. 1

    10 Construction kits

    - 442 samples
    - 10 full track midi samples
    - 10 main melody midi samples
    - 10 break melody midi samples
    - 10 slow melody midi samples
    - 10 FL Studio projects

    106 Fx Sounds

    - 12 crash FX
    - 12 Downfilter FX
    - 10 Reverbkicks
    - 13 Reverse FX
    - 32 Scratching FX
    - 06 Sweep FX
    - 25 Upfilter FX

    59 Drum samples


  • - 92 Clubhouse Kicks
    - 43 Hard Kicks
    - 37 Special Kicks
    - 28 Synth Kicks
    - 32 Wet Kicks
    - 46 Wav & Rex2 Loops
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF


    We are happy to present another club kick samples which we created to support mainly club-dance music producers. If you seek for a bass drums which have a powerful...

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  • - 60 Free Vocals
    - Phrases, Words, Loops, Voices, Fx
    - Free Dj/ House/ EDM/ Techno Vocals
    - WAV Format

  • - 25 Multi Sampled Lead Sounds
    - Quality Sounds of Hardware
    - Suitable for EDM/ Techno Genres
    - All sounds in 5+ octaves are available
    - Every third key is sampled
    - Size: 721 MB - 1,05 GB / depending on format
    - Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

  • - 128 deep, warm and air pads
    - Soundset for Virus Ti synth
    - Wonderful, atmospheric mood

    128 amazing, warm, deep, airy, utopian, fantasy 'pad' sounds is what is featured in this bank of samples for Virus Ti ! It is a thematic soundset, filled to the full with nice presets. A feast for...

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