Frose Instrumental Beats Vol. 1

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- 10 instrumental hip hop beats
- 14 multisampled instruments
- Vinyl cracks and scratches
- Tempo: 85-97 BPM
- 750 MB of uncompressed content
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF (+Gigs)

Here’s 10 instrumental beats in classic oldschool hip hop style right from the Frose. Every beat is decomposed into particular tracks which can be freely...

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  • About Frose Instrumental Beats Vol. 1

    Here’s 10 instrumental beats in classic oldschool hip hop style right from the Frose. Every beat is decomposed into particular tracks which can be freely modified and mixed together. Additionally 231 drum samples, 14 multisample instruments, scratches and vinyl cracks are to your disposal. Mutisamples are in Gig format and it’s possible to import them to most of virtual samplers. Many samples were created by classic analog synthesizer and warmed legend reel to reel tape recorder AKAI GX 646.

    A few words from Frose:

    Hello! I’m Frose and I’m very honored to present to you my new pack of samples which is nothing more than: my desire to create new sounds, my work and many hours spent in the studio. Every sound, chord and beat of the drum represent my mood, my state and my passion. Most of ideas which I used were born between work on my solo album and the mental rest when I was listening to new vinyl which are always my greatest inspiration.

    During working on the whole material, as always I couldn’t resist doing it without my favorite machines i.e. Akai mpc 2500 and mpc 2000xl which were off only when I was sleeping. Of course, not only these two were participating in all the fun. I had the opportunity to try korg polisix and korg ms 20 as well as classic FM synthesizer from Yamaha. During my work on samples I was often a guest in my friends’ studio. At that moment they were also recording some material. I could freely use the acoustic instruments from drums to guitar and piano Rhodes as well as strings. I turned this time spent with them into my own ideas and pure creativity. I had also time to record some samples on legendary tape recorder AKAI GX 646 which gave very nice and warm effect. I know that I’m giving you something which everyone can use in a very good way. This is what I wish for you from all of my heart.

    Content of Frose Instrumental Beats Vol. 1:

    10 instrumental beats - 96 samples

    85 BPM - 3 beats
    86 BPM - 1 beat
    90 BPM - 1 beat
    91 BPM - 1 beat
    93 BPM - 3 beats
    97 BPM - 1 beat


    30 Bongos
    28 Claps
    20 Congos
    40 HH closed
    32 HH open
    29 Kicks
    52 Snares

    Instruments (multisampled)

    Acoustic Guitar 1
    Acoustic Guitar 2
    Analog Pad 1
    Analog Pad 2
    Analog Pad 3
    Bass 1
    Bass 2
    Bass 3
    Bass 4
    Celeste Fx
    Embrion Synth
    Rhodes (sequences)
    Vibes True

    34 Scratches (4 minutes of real scratches)
    13 Vinyl cracks


  • - 649 chord samples
    - Samples taken directly from vinyls
    - Usefulness in Hip-Hop, RnB, Chillout, House, Electronic Music
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

  • - 5000 percussion samples from around the world
    - acoustic and electronic sounds
    - Size: 1,03 Gb after unpacking
    - Format: WAV

  • Artist - Frose
    Album - Skupiony na bitach [Focused on the beats]
    Genre - Classic hip hop
    Download - Free

  • - 1000 brilliant quality sound effects
    - A wide range of suitability
    - Intuitive cataloged samples
    - Wide variety of sounds
    - Size after unpacking: 1.94 GB
    - Format: 24 bit/ 44.1 kHz wav


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