Complete Trance Vol. 1

Complete Trance vol 1 - Trance Construction Kits Samples, Wav, Midi

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- 20 trance construction kits
- 20 midi files
- 201 drum loops
- 300 trance drums
- 150 fx sounds
- Euphoric trance mood
- Size: 1,35 GB
- Available formats: WAV, AIFF (+Midis)


Complete Trance Vol. 1 is a rich and complete set of samples for commercial, euphoric trance. This pack contains 20 trance construction kits, 20 midi files, 150 fx sounds, 200 drum loops and 300 brilliant trance drums. Fans of melodic ectasy, euphoric mood and a really good dose of energetic vibrations should be satisfied. Thanks to ready-made bass lines, synth lines and midi files with recorded tunes, you will be able to create entire tracks easily. It's simple and convenient.

Construction Kits

In 20 construction kits you will find 362 ready-made synth lines, bass lines, and pads as well. Every bass line, lead line, and pad comes in several timbre. You can choose the timbre you desire the most, or even mix several sounds at once - it's quite useful and practical. Furthermore you can choose from 2 different versions - wet & dry, with and without applied effects resp. It is very convenient for all producers. Additionally to every construction kit you can select kicks, drums, drum loops and sound effects from a separate directories. You've got 200 drum loops, 150 fx sounds and 300 Trance Drums to choose from.

Midi Samples

Thanks to midi files, you've got unlimited possibilities in choosing your own favourite sounds, or in changing sequences. Regardless of the vst instrument, or the hardware you usually use, you will be able to integrate them with the tunes from "Complete Trance". All midi files contains 3 lines: bass, melody, and pad.


With the use of Complete Trance vol. 1 you will be able to easily and conveniently structure your trance productions. Be sure that We put special emphasis on: convenience, utility, and elevated, euphoric mood.

Content of Complete Trance Vol. 1

  • 20 Construction Kits / 362 bass lines, synth lead lines and pads
  • 20 midi trance melodies
  • 50 Claps
  • 100 cymbals
  • 100 kicks
  • 50 snares
  • 57 Drum Beats 140 BPM
  • 02 Drum Beats 150 BPM
  • 50 Drum Loops 128 BPM
  • 59 Drum Loops 140 BPM
  • 35 Trance Loops 140 BPM
  • 27 Bonus Fx
  • 12 Down Fx
  • 05 Echo Fx
  • 30 Hit Fx
  • 26 Noise Fx
  • 50 Up Fx