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- 25 lead synth multi samples
- Suitable for EDM, techno, trance, hands up, house, electro, dubstep, hardstyle
- Compatible with most virtual samplers
- Size: 697 mb / format
- Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

Ultra Dance Leads Vol.2 is another set of 25 top multi samples, perfectly complementing the content of the Vol.1 pack. This time it will surprise you with a great variety of...

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  • About Ultra Dance Leads Vol. 2

    Ultra Dance Leads Vol.2 is another set of 25 top multi samples, perfectly complementing the content of the Vol. 1 pack. This time it will surprise you with a great variety of fantasy synths, club bells and energetic hands up leads. These are the very sounds used by the most famous music producers worldwide. You hear it in the most popular and favourite Dance, Techno, Hands Up or Euro Trance classics. The leads give every club music production a powerful blast. The power and the energy of these celebrated sounds can have its place in your music right now!

    Traditional wav samples versus multi samples

    There are two major differences between traditional wav/aif samples and multi sampled sounds. The first one is multi samples perfect tuning (only if they are properly constructed). If you use a single wav sample, its frequency will be raised or lowered depending on the pitch of a sound played. Our multi samples consist of separate wav files that are responsible for each sound pitch within at leat 5 octaves. From now on you don't have to worry about anything! The other difference is the flexibility and freedom in composing sequences or melodies. Thanks to a single multi sample you are able to produce any number of sequences, create variations and mix them freely. You can display your skills and originality as far as your own imagination will take you!


    These multi samples are the best custom created sounds from the top synthesizers. During the process of creation not a single ready-made preset was used, because to bring to life such juicy and clear sounds requires a lot of precision, hours of sacrificing and passionate effort. You have to get to the heart of the synthesizer to squeeze out what it the best in it. Each lead was sampled key after key (half a tone each) within the range of at least five octaves. By means of this process the every multi sample consists of at least 61 Wav files, and hence the great quality of sound. Some can be used as leads as well as lofty, powerful pads. This is attained by virtue of looping the wav files, and the right length of the loop in the modulated instruments. Such a solution offers a wide array of perspectives in creating your music. The size of each instrument is 28 Mb on average! It has a considerable impact on the quality and accuracy of the samples. The biggest file has 57 Mb and the smallest 8 Mb.


    > SF2 Format (soundfont2) is compatibile with most virtual samplers, for example:

    - FL Studio DirectWave
    - Kontakt
    - Machfive
    - HALion
    - Logic Pro EXS 24
    - Emulator X
    - Proteus X
    - Independence
    - VSampler
    - SFZ+

    > SXT is a format for Reason NN-XT sampler

    > EXS24: Logic Pro EXS24 sampler instruments

    Why is it worth having?

    I could talk about the advantages of those samples on and on; but it is enough for you to just listen to the demo and think how great tunes you would be able to make with the help of this pack. Have a nice listening and may your inspiration soar high!


    - 25 lead synth multi samples
    - Quality sounds of hardware synthesizers
    - Suitable for EDM, techno, trance, hands up,house, electro, dubstep, hardstyle
    - Compatible with most virtual samplers
    - Average 28 MB / 1 multi sample
    - Sampled 5+ octaves each lead sound
    - Size: 697 Mb / format
    - Available formats: SF2, SXT, EXS24

    Multi sampled sounds index

    Airy Buzzer 1
    Airy Buzzer 2
    Blow Lead
    Dance Bright Bells 1
    Dance Bright Bells 2
    Djs Dream
    Djs Dream (decay)
    Fantasy Dance
    Hands Up Saw-lead 1
    Hands Up Saw-lead 2
    Hands Up Saw-lead 3
    Happy Hands
    Lucid Fantasy Lead
    Luminous Angelic Lead
    Massive Buzzer
    Nice Noise Lead
    Powerful Lead 1
    Powerful Lead 2
    Raw Release 1
    Raw Release 2
    Shaking Lead 1
    Shaking Lead 2
    Ultra Decay Lead 1
    Ultra Decay Lead 2

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