Complete Trance Vol. 4

Complete Trance Vol. 4 - 10 Advanced Trance Construction Kits

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- 10 trance construction kits
- 336 wav samples
- 10 multitrack midi files
- 129 single track midi samples
- Size: 1,8 GB (unzipped)
- Formats: WAV, MIDI, FLP

Complete Trance vol. 4

After a long break Lucid Samples & Axamathic return with the fourth part of "Complete Trance" series – advanced set of samples for trance music creation. The break was fruitful and it gave us a new perspective and ideas to create ten new, complete tracks. At the same time it is still related in some form to the cult trance styles of the previous parts.

The whole structure of the productions is divided into two parts:

Slow Melody/Motion – these are all the slowdowns of the tracks. The parts in which we can distinguish multiinstrumentalizm in form of: long pads/strings, choirs, pianos, guitars, synths and many other sounds. Slow Melody/Motion is like idiomatic calm before the storm. It relaxes the listener and puts him at ease. These melodies act on imagination and emotion.

Main Melody/Motion – it is more "hard" part, which is a main culmination in the ten construction kits. They are characterised by strong melodies, deep bass and a beat which does not let the membrane to rest. The intensity of sounds is high. We have here many tracks: synths, synth leads, pads, bass, arps, choirs. Every piece has the drum loop track which is divided into smaller tracks like kicks, snares, claps, hats, loops and fx.

Detailed content:

  • 10 Full trance construction kits - 336 wav samples
  • 10 flp projects - with defined melodies
  • 10 multitrack midi samples
  • 129 single track midi samples

Size: 1,8 GB unzipped content
formats: wav, midi, flp