AX Trap Vol. 2

- 10 trap construction kits
- 10 midi samples
- 94 drum hits
- 43 vox sounds
- Dry/ wet sounds
- Size: 862 MB (unzipped)
- Formats: Wav, Midi

AX Trap Vol. 2 - Samples Kits for Production Trap Music


About AX Trap Vol. 2

AX Trap Vol. 2 – is a continuation of the first part of sample pack to produce Trap music with Hip Hop, Deephouse, Dub, Instrumental elements. This collection, like the first one, characterizes with a large variety when it comes to well-developed arrangements and the sounds that were used in it. AX Trap Vol. 2 starts with classical instruments then we have swaying chills which transform into typical technical themes. Everything ends with bad and dark beats.

The pack contains 10 complete pieces divided into ready to mix tracks. Most pieces are build with such sounds like: bass, piano, violin, bells, synths, perc sounds, drums - kicks, claps, snares, hihats, rides, perc. Very interesting and original addition in every arrangement are cut vocal sounds. A midi file with the recording of all melodies/sequences is attached to each of the 10 tracks.

We can say for sure that AX Trap Vol. 2 is 10 more really expanded construction kits to create Trap music. We dedicate this pack to experienced producers as well as to the beginning ones which want to taste the feeling of creating Trap beats.

AX Trap Vol. 2 contains:

  • 10 trap construction kits / 328 wav samples
  • 10 midi samples
  • 10 FL Studio projects
  • 94 drum hits
  • 43 vox sounds

Total: 485 files
Size: 862 MB unzipped content
Formats: Wav, Midi