Frose Instrumental Trap Vol. 1

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Short summary
- 5 Trap Construction Kits
- 65 Wav Files
- full mixes
- 62-144 BPM
- 995 MB unzipped content
- 16-bit wav format
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  • About Frose Instrumental Trap Vol. 1

    We present the new 'Frose Instrumental Trap' series. The first volume contains 5 Trap beats in the Frose audible instrumental style. All this is the result of Frose one-month work. In this production has been used a lot of hardware such as a Korg and Akai instruments. Drums are the result of using different machines, starting from Electribe to tempest, Maschine and few other gears. The sound has been enriched by a tape recorder, which despite of the fact of raw sound, it warmed up a bit tracks and it gave an extra taste.Tempo of beats: 62 BPM, 71 BPM, 109 BPM, 143 BPM, 144 BPM.


    - 5 Trap Construction Kits
    - 65 Wav Files
    - full mixes
    - 62-144 BPM
    - 995 MB content
    - 16-bit wav format

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