Lucid Samples was created to provide high quality and premium audio samples dedicated for music producers, DJ's as well as everyone who is interested in creating and producing on his own music. Company products are  widely  used by beginner and professional DJs musicians and film makers across globe. All sample packs available on the website are Royalty-Free and downloadable.

Feel free to explore our collection of sounds amongst many musical genres, types of sounds and popular formats. If you wish to open a new chapter in your music career, please select an interesting for you category to get access to high range of Quality DJ sample libraries, Construction Kits, Sound Effects and other music production tools reliable in the process of creating new beats, tracks and many more.

Please, feel free to try Free Samples to check quality of samples. We recommend also to see our featured categories. All Sample Packs and DJ Samples, where you can find a lot of interesting sample packs for you.

Lucid Samples focus is on the development of many popular genres of publishes sounds collections. Our major duty is to deliver the highest quality samples in music production community and make world’s music much more interesting, without any importance of your experience in music production. We believe we are not simple e-shop we want to deliver best quality samples to put value into DJ’s community. No matter if You are beginner or a professional music producer or DJ. All kinds of tracks available on lucidsamples.com (from Chillout Samples to Hardcore Samples) are in the best sound quality to provide you creative amazing tracks.

Our collections include thousands of high and premium quality Audio Samples different types, such as: DJ Samples, Loops Samples, Drum Loops and Drum Sounds, Synth Loops, Sound Effects, Midi Samples, Multisamples and Construction Kits which will come in handy when working your favourite music software. For the sake of your convenience the samples are available either for direct download onto your hard disk or for shipment to your postal address on CDs.

Available types of sounds: Loops Samples, One Shot Samples, Drum Sounds, Drum Loops, DJ Samples, Synth Loops, Sound Effects/ FX Sounds, Midi Samples, Multisamples, Construction Kits, Acapella Vocals.

Our Sample Packs are compatible with most of popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) on PC and MAC platforms, such as:

Ableton Live
Acid Pro
Cakewalk Sonar
Garage Band
FL Studio
Logic Pro
PreSonus Studio
Pro Tools
Sony Acid
Steinberg Cubase
and many more...

Available formats:

WAV Samples - 16-Bit or 24-Bit
Apple Loops / AIFF - 16-Bit or 24-Bit
Rex2 - Audio sample loop file format
MIDI - Ready Melodies and Sequences
SF2 / Soundfonts - Multi Sampled Instruments

Patches / presets for:
Reason NN-XT

Start fulfilling your musical dreams! Create professional records and earn a worldwide success and enjoy our collections!

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