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Short summary
- 5 products in one
- Super reduced price
- 14837 Samples
- Suitable for Hip Hop and many other genres
- 4.6 GB unzipped content!
- WAV Format

Classic Hip Hop Bundle is a combination of the series: Classic hip hop, Vinyl Cut Chords and Percussion XXL Pack. This massive set opens before you amazing possibilities for creating...

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    - 5 Products in Bundle

    - Nearly 15.000 Samples

    - Attractively Low Price

    Bundle-Pack Content:

    1. Classic Hip-Hop Instrumental - 4367 samples / 2.5 GB
    2. Classic Hip-Hop Drums - 4000 samples / 680 mb
    3. Classic Hip-Hop Drum Beats - 807 samples / 240 mb
    4. Vinyl Cut Chords - 666 samples / 181 mb
    5. Percussion XXL Pack - 5000 / 1.02 GB

    in total - 14837 samples / 4.6 GB !


    Classic Hip Hop Bundle is a combination of the series: Classic hip hop, Vinyl Cut Chords and Percussion XXL Pack. This massive set opens before you amazing possibilities for creating complete beats. It features some essential percussion, basses cut directly from vinyls, as well as a whole scope of instruments; Almost 5 Gb of material in Wav format !

    Creating Beats with Classic Hip Hop Bundle

    In Classic Hip Hop Bundle (Classic Hip Hop Instrumental) the majority of instruments comprise of few or more one shot Wav samples of different pitch. It makes creating your tunes much easier and involves positive creative effort. All you need to do is to load the Wav files belonging to a given instrument in your favourite sampler and compose your own tune freely. This solution is so grand because you are never limited by ready-made sequences and you have to show your creative skills. Adding drums, vinyl-cut bass and other instruments you can compose your own complete hip hop beats from scratch. You will fit each sample kick, clap or hi-hat with astonishing precision, choosing from a staggering number of 9.000 drum samples. So massive a choice makes composing music very pleasant!


    In this massive sample set you will find drums and hi-hats as well as percussion sounds from around the globe, which certainly will make your music original. There are also classic instruments, such as violins or choirs, ethnic sequences or electronic instruments, like electric and synthetic instruments.

    This is a detailed list of contents


    288 Guitar Basses
    288 Guitar Basses Processed
    473 Synth Basses


    31 Chords
    30 Piano Chords
    66 Rhodes 1
    110 Rhodes 2
    429 Processed Versions of Chords


    445 Claps
    236 Crashes
    973 Hi-hats
    767 Kicks
    81 Metallic
    534 Perc
    100 Rides
    169 Shakers
    661 Snares
    34 Tambourines

    Drum Loops:

    101 Drum Loops
    130 Drum Loops Processed


    306 Asian Instruments
    053 Atmosphere
    668 Bass Guitars
    171 Brass
    091 Choirs
    191 Flute
    125 Guitars
    568 Keys
    088 Loops
    172 Orchestra
    391 Organs
    084 Strings
    388 Synth Basses
    438 Synths
    631 Vinyl Cuts


    836 Bongos
    187 Congas
    187 Congas Tube
    72 Cowbells
    412 Drums
    903 Ethnic Perc
    903 Ethnic Perc Tube
    17 Gongs
    121 Guiro
    115 Metallic
    308 Percussion
    308 Percussion Tube
    168 Shakers
    196 Special
    32 Tambourine
    75 Timpani
    160 Toms

    Why is it worth having?

    This product enables you to create complete tunes from scratch, and yet it has a very reasonable price. Price vs. Efficiency ratio is evidently profitable in this case! Remember, you get close to 15.000 samples, which amounts to nearly 5 Gb of material in WAV. If you feel interested with these samples, we invite you to buy them.


    - 14837 classic hip hop samples [4.6 Gb of material after unpacking!]
    - 5 products in one, cheap price!
    - Great possibility of creating complete beats
    - One shot, sequence and drum loop samples
    - Different Wav sample pitch within one instrument
    - Part of the samples cut from vinyls
    - Format: Wav

Pack content

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    - 649 chord samples
    - Samples taken directly from vinyls
    - Usefulness in Hip-Hop, RnB, Chillout, House, Electronic Music
    - Available Formats: WAV, AIFF

    We present you a sample pack taken directly from actual vinyl records. It features a bunch of great electric Rhodes piano chords and many other electric piano chords...

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    - 5000 percussion samples from around the world
    - acoustic and electronic sounds
    - Size: 1,03 Gb after unpacking
    - Format: WAV

    Percussion XXL Pack is a massive around-the-globe percussion sample collection. Among the things you will find here are African drums, Indian tabla drums, powerful orchestral timpani or...

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  • £14.95

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    - 4000 Drum Samples
    - Kicks, Claps, Snares, Cymbals, Percussion sounds
    - Suitable for Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, Dub etc.
    - Format: Wav
    - Producer: Frose

    If you always wanted to lay your hands on a real huge collection of hip hop drums, to save time spent on the search and to have everything in one place, this sample-pack is definitely for you...

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  • £5.25

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    - 231 Drum Loops
    - 101 Rex2 Loops
    - 576 Bass Guitar Sounds
    - Tempo: 79-100 BPM
    - Formats: Wav, Rex2
    - Producer: Frose

    Classic hip hop drum loops of a distinct and sharp-edged quality plus warm bass guitar samples is a combination we designed when collecting Classic Hip Hop...

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  • £23.00

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    - 4364 Instruments / Instrumental Samples
    - Acoustic Instruments
    - Classical Instruments
    - Synthesizers Sounds
    - 2,5 GB of data after unpacking
    - WAV Format

    Classic Hip Hop Instrumental is a tool that will enable you to create complete instrumental lines. You will find here a scope of instruments like bass guitar, through piano, synthesizer and...

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